WZ Daily 8.15.17 feat. Bobby Lashley GFW Media Call: Adam Cole-NXT Rumors, Mike Kanellis’ Push, Cena vs Mahal Tonight On SD Live, More

WrestleZone is proud to present the latest episode of our signature daily pro wrestling news podcast, WZ Daily!

The WZ Daily is released Monday-Friday around Noon EST on Eric Bischoff’s IRWNetwork.com!

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Today’s episode of WZ Daily is hosted by Nick Hausman and features CZW Commentator Joe Dombrowski as his co-host.

The pro wrestling news topics from over the last twenty-four hours that Nick & Joe discuss include:

Today’s episode also features the full audio from today’s GFW Media Call featuring Bobby Lashley and the co-founder of American Top Team Dan Lambert.

Some of the topics discussed during the media call include:

  • Lashley’s upcoming match with Matt Sydal
  • What potential cross overs we may see between pro wrestling and MMA in the future
  • If GFW is the best place for pro wrestlers at the moment
  • Their predictions for the Mayweather vs McGregor fight
  • If Lashley’s fight camp is unhappy with him persuing pro wrestling
  • How much his MMA training has affected his pro wrestling style
  • Who Lashley would like to wrestle in GFW that he hasn’t
  • The biggest hurdle in jumping from pro wrestling into MMA
  • How Lashley thinks he would fare against Brock Lesnar
  • What they think of MMA fighters jumping into pro wrestling
  • Alberto El Patron being stripped of the GFW World Championship
  • Ric Flair’s recent medical troubles
  • Lashley’s reflections on his time in WWE
  • Whether Lashley has spoken to Donald Trump since he was elected President and what his thoughts are on Trump’s response to Charlottesville
  • If pineapple is alright on pizza
  • If they’d like to see CM Punk in Bellator
  • Women in MMA
  • Lashley’s matches with Kurt Angle
  • Lashley’s favorite GFW-Impact Wrestling match
  • More…

You can listen to the latest episode of Bischoff on Wrestling in the embedded audio player below: