NXT Takeover Brooklyn Results: Asuka [c] vs. Ember Moon – Women’s Championship

NXT Women’s Championship Match: Asuka (c) vs Ember Moon

AS soon as the bell ring Moon dropkicks Asuka in the face. Basement dropkick by Moon for a one count. Suplex by Moon. Asuka rolls out of the ring. Moon misses a baseball slide. Asuka kicks Moon in the gut. Moon responds with a kick of her own. Moon goes up top and hits a rolling senton onto Asuka! Moon tries to bring Asuka back into the ring but Asuka drives Moon shoulder first into the ring steps. Asuka hook arm suplexes Moon on the steel ring ramp. Moon is writhing on the floor in pain. Moon kicks Asuka in the arm before locking in a modified hammer lock. Moon’s arm bends in ways it just shouldn’t. Moon tries to fight out of it. Moon rolls but Asuka rolls with her. Asuka hooks Moon’s chin for added leverage. STO by Asuka. Asuka locks in a standing surfboard into stomps.

Asuka transition into a seated Fujiwara arm bar. Moon picks up Asuka and hits a teardrop suplex! Moon lays in with a few strikes. Step up enziguri by Moon. Asuka kicks out! Moon attempts a splash but Asuka catches her in midair and German suplexes her into the turnbuckle. Asuka goes for the Asuka lock. Moon tries to fight out of it. Moon puts Asuka in the Asuka lock! Asuka breaks the hold with an arm breaker. Asuka slaps on the Asuka lock. Asuka hops on Moon’s back. Moon drops backward onto Asuka. Asuka breaks the hold. Moon takes a few breaths but Asuka pops up and put the Asuka lock back on. Moon transition into a pin. Asuka kicks out. Moon destroys Asuka with a running elbow.

Asuka hits a running hip attack or a near fall. Asuka hits another hip attack in the corner. Asuka charges in again but Moon gets a boot up. Moon hits her tornado suplex for yet another near fall. Asuka will not stay down. Asuka and Moon trade strike. Moon floor Asuka with a running knee strike. Asuka fires up with a back palm strike and a pop-up knee to the head. Asuka kicks Moon in the head over and over again. Moon grabs Asuka and lands a back drop into a side effect. Asuka kicks out. Moon goes up top but Asuka cuts her off yet again. Moon drops down for a Liger bomb but Asuka holds onto the rope. Moon kicks Asuka in the leg and hits a springboard double stomp. Moon climbs up top and obliterates Asuka with the Eclipse! Asuka KICKS OUT!!!!! Moon is apoplectic. Moon goes up top yet again.

Asuka grabs the referee and uses him as a shield. Moon dives over the referee and cross-body block Asuka. Asuka rolls Moon over into a pin. Asuka has a hand full of Moon’s tights and the referee sees it. Asuka gets up and argues with the referee. Moon almost kicks Asuka head clean off her shoulder with a super kick. Asuka STILL kicks out! Moon tries to grabs Asuka but Asuka locks in a cross arm breaker. Moon fights out of it but Asuka turns it into the Asuka lock. Moon has no choice but to tap out.

Winner and STILL NXT Women’s Champion, Asuka!