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WWE SummerSlam Results: Alexa Bliss [c] vs. Sasha Banks Raw Women’s Championship

Raw Women’s Championship Match: Alexa Bliss (c) vs Sasha Banks

Bliss forces Banks into the corner. Banks and Bliss trade shots. Bliss blast Banks with a stiff elbow. Banks tries to lock in the Banks Statement but Bliss avoids it. Bliss stuns Banks on the ropes. Bliss hits a crossbody off the top. Banks turns it into a pin of her own. Bliss kicks out. Bliss traps Banks in the corner and kicks her over and over again. Banks catches Bliss with a high knee. Bliss traps Banks in the ropes. Bliss slams Banks headfirst into the mat. Banks fires up bit Bliss choke pushes her. Bliss goes up top. Banks cut her off but Bliss manages to put Banks in a sleeper on the top rope. Bliss breaks the hold. Banks falls to the mat. Bliss hits insult to injury off the top rope for a near fall.

Bliss shoulder blocks Banks in the corner. Bliss tries to lock in another top rope choke. Banks counters and slams Bliss to the mat. Sliding knee by Banks. Banks and Bliss are both out on the mat. Banks fires up. After a few punches and clotheslines Banks Regal cutters Bliss for a near fall. Bliss tries a neck breaker but Banks fights it off. Bliss drives Bank’s face into her knee. Bliss tries another choke push but Banks kicks her in the head. Bliss tries a sunset flip off the second rope. Banks holds Bliss up and drives her head first into the turnbuckle. Double knees by Banks. Bliss tries to DDT Banks. Banks turns it into the Banks Statement. Bliss gets to the ropes. Bliss rolls out of the ring.

Banks rolls out to the apron. Bliss yanks the ring skirt which causes Banks to fall off the apron. Bliss brings Banks back into the ring just to throw her back to the outside. Banks hits the mat hard. Banks is clutching her shoulder. Banks is almost counted out. Bliss works over Banks’ shoulder. Bliss hits the Twisted Bliss but Banks kicks out. Bliss tries to pick Banks up off the mat but Banks locks in the Banks Statement. Bliss rolls into a pin. Banks kicks out and rolls back into the Banks Statement. Bliss taps out!

Winner and NEW Raw Women’s Champion, Sasha Banks!