Punishment Martinez Discusses His Human Skull Collection, Recent Bout w/ Flip Gordan, Why He Is Going To Punish Jay White, More

Today’s episode of WZ Daily features an exclusive interview with Ring of Honor’s Punishment Martinez!

Punishment’s appearance in in conjunction with our weekly feature with Ring of Honor, Fridays of Honor.

You can find some of Punishment’s comments transcribed below. His full appearance in the embedded player above.

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On his collection of human skulls:

PM: I am actually looking at something right now which is a skull with some knives going through the head and then it has crossbones all over it. Like a gravesite. Not a statue but something that I have on my nightstand next to where I sleep. It’s one of my favorite pieces.

On his recent match with Flip Gordon on ROH TV episode 308:

PM: We are complete opposites. To be honest, I am different than everyone on the roster. When it comes to Flip you couldn’t have more of an opposite but sometimes opposites attract. That happened in the ring with us as far as meshing styles together. I think it really showcased what we can do as far as being newer faces in Ring of Honor. I was happy with the match and the outcome. I was very happy with how the match was perceived. You have to be accepted there (ROH). For me to bring something different that has never been in Ring of Honor to the degree I am showing with the size and my attitude. Just who I am. I am really happy that people are starting to see that I belong. I think Flip Gordan and I told the world we are here to stay.

On his current feud with Jay White:

PM: I have no problem with anybody bringing it to me and beating me like a man. When you get fluke victories and you think that makes you a big star, that I have a problem with. So I have a big problem with Jay White. He got two fluke victories on me where he basically stepped in “you know what” and said, “Oh wow! I’m a star!” Uh uh. Not with me. That is my main issue with Jay White. It will come to a head eventually and I am going to take my time and do what I do best and that’s punish people. That’s not just a gimmick name. I have that name for a reason.

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Today’s episode of WZ Daily is hosted by Nick Hausman and features former Smackdown Commentator Rich Bocchini (aka Rich Brennan) as his co-host.

The pro wrestling news topics from over the last five days that Nick & Rich discuss include:

This episode also features an exclusive interview with Ring of Honor’s Punishment Martinez. During his appearance he discusses:

  • Who Punishment Martinez is
  • His collection of human skulls
  • His recent match with Flip Gordon on ROH TV episode 308
  • His and Gordon’s contrasting styles
  • Whether it’s harder to be a big man wrestler now than in previous generations
  • Comparisons to The Undertaker
  • His feud with Jay White
  • The UK market
  • Who will win between Floyd Mayweather and Connor McGregor
  • Whether he ever considered doing UFC
  • What he would still like to accomplish in his pro wrestling career
  • More…