Joe Dombrowski Discusses Why WWE Would Want GFW In Business, WWE’s Dilemma w/ Asuka & Who Is Shining Brightest In Hell In A Cell Build?

WrestleZone presented our latest episode of WZ Daily earlier today and it featured Welterweight Wrestling founder and CZW commentator Joe Dombrowski as the co-host.

You can find some of Joe’s comments transcribed below.

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On why WWE would want to see GFW remain in business:

JD: You can look at so many of those talents that have made that crossover to WWE from Impact Wrestling. They are not your prototypical WWE guys. They are guys that at one point or another, some of them, WWE had passed on but they were able to go to another area with a different set of rules, different set of circumstances, and prove their star power and drawing power. Prove the fact that on some level they can carry a number and carry an audience on a national level and international stage. If not for Impact would Eric Young, Bobby Roode and Samoa Joe or even AJ Styles have gotten those opportunities to flourish? Not just pre-WWE but in WWE? I honestly don’t know.

On who is shining brightest in the build to WWE Hell in a Cell so far:

JD: I think the winner here is Kevin Owens because anytime you’re on the card and you’re wrestling a McMahon you are in a prominent spot. You are in a very, very well thought out and emotionally driven story and I can’t tell you when Shane has not delivered above and beyond.

On what WWE will do with Asuka post-NXT:

JD: The company is almost in a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” type situation with this unbeaten streak and this NXT Championship reign that never officially came to an end. We’ve seen the path of guys like Goldberg and Tatanka and even, more recently, EC3. There is never really totally a “right way” to end that story in a way that the audience will uniformly get behind. There is going to be a lot of eyes on Asuka as far as how that streak ends and if she can get to a WWE Women’s Championship before then.

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Today’s episode of WZ Daily is hosted by Nick Hausman and features Welterweight Wrestling founder and CZW commentator Joe Dombrowski as his co-host.

The pro wrestling news topics from the last twenty-four hours that Nick & Joe discuss include:

  • The new creative direction of GFW
  • Speculated plans for WWE’s Hell in a Cell PPV
  • Asuka officially vacating the WWE NXT Women’s Championship
  • WWN Live holding a paid try-out for talent hoping to get booked as an extra on NXT
  • Nikki Bella joining the cast of Dancing with The Stars

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