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Eric Bischoff Dubs Ric Flair ‘A Living Myth’; Gives Flair Recovery Update & Reveals Biggest Challenge

The latest episode of former WCW President Eric Bischoff’s podcast Bischoff on Wrestling was released, for free, this past Wednesday!

You can find a portion of Eric’s comments transcribed below.

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On Ric Flair’s miraculous recovery and first post-health scare promo:

EB: It is just classic Ric Flair. The man is… he’s a myth. He is a living myth. He is a living legend. He is one of a kind. It’s really interesting, when Ric first went into the hospital and things were kind of touch and go early on Lorre (Eric’s wife) and I talked about it and she said, “Eric, you know him, if there is anybody in the world who is capable of kicking out of this it’s Ric Flair. He’s just going to be around forever.” I kind of chuckled to myself a little bit and said, “Yeah, you’re absolutely right.” Then it was about a week ago Ric’s fiancee Wendy gave me a call and she told me that Ric was up and around and he was giving everybody a hard time, wanting everyone to give him his phone, wanting to leave and just being Ric. It’s hard to keep him down. He’s lived a very active lifestyle for a long time. She said that the biggest challenge they have right now is just keeping Ric calm, keeping him in that recovery mode and letting him get 100% healthy. According to Wendy he just made a miraculous recovery and the doctors are probably more amazed than the people that know him and know what he’s capable of. It’s all looking good and I was happy to see him stepping into character and having some fun. That did my heart good.

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On this week’s Bischoff on Wrestling Eric and Nick start off by discussing some of the past week’s top pro wrestling news stories. Including:

  • Ric Flair’s first post-health scare recovery promo
  • WWE’s decision to hold a live RAW on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day
  • JBL’s departure from the Smackdown commentary table
  • Corey Graves doing commentary for both RAW and Smackdown
  • WWE board members allegedly upset with Vince for not firing JBL
  • Sexy Star vacating the Triple A Reina de Reinas Championhip
  • Roman Reigns’ “Gray Area Guy” moniker
  • WWE launching a new recap series in on Fox Sports Mexico
  • Big Show’s amazing match with Braun Strowman on RAW
  • Enzo mentioning Eric’s book on RAW

This episode also features the latest “This Week In Bischoff History” segment. In it Eric takes a look back at the September 1, 1999 Nitro segment where the NWO parodied the Four Horsemen.

Nick wraps up the show by asking Eric a variety of questions from the #BischoffOnWrestling mailbag. Some of the topics discussed include:

  • Rules about wrestlers doing other wrestler’s finishing moves in WCW
  • Why WWE doesn’t allow wrestlers to have sponsors
  • Hulk Hogan’s back surgery almost haulting his TNA heel turn
  • NXT’s affect on the independent pro wrestling scene
  • What his last meal would be if he was on death row
  • If WWE should do Lesnar vs Jones
  • If Eric underestimated Mick Foley’s popularity
  • The benefits of working with musical artists for PPV theme music

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This week’s BoW Overrun features Eric starting in an an in-depth discussion about the second chapter of his book Controversy Creates Cash. Including his time working in sales for AWA, his relationship with Verne Gagne, the rumors around his time in AWA, how he became the AWA backstage interviewer and commentator, advice he was given for commentary, more…

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