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Former WWE Creative Team Member Alex Greenfield Digs Into WWE’s Booking Of Rusev & Baron Corbin

Todays episode of WZ Daily features MLW One-Shot’s Alex Greenfield as the special co-host!

You can find some of Alex’s comments transcribed below.

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On the way Rusev has been booked by WWE since returning from injury earlier this summer:

AG: I think the handling since returning from injury has not been great. Rusev is a guy that I have always been interested in. I did not buy into Rusev for a very long time. I was way behind on him. I felt like he was a villain built for Cena to dispatch at WrestleMania and that would be the end of him. It turns out that he is a really smart, sharp performer who has made just about everything work. Despite bad booking his personality just gets him across. Boy, I hope they don’t go and have Randy beat him again because at this point what are they warming Randy up for? I think Rusev as a strong villain to setup for Styles is certainly what I would pitch if I was still in the room.

On if he is a fan of Baron Corbin:

AG: I’ve been talking about this for years about the guy: he keeps showing flashes of fire that I really like. There was a bit near the end of his NXT run where he was sort of doing what Batista was doing at the end of his last run of being the anti-indie guy, “this is the age of the superhero,” kind of guy. I loved that but every time they start to bring him up, and I read the same sh*t that’s in the Observer and whatever, I have no inside knowledge about if he has heat or not. In a similar way to Bray Wyatt they start to light the fire and you start to see the potential and then it all just evaporates.

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Today’s episode of WZ Daily is hosted by Nick Hausman and features MLW One-Shot’s Alex Greenfield as his co-host.

The pro wrestling news topics from the last twenty-four hours that Nick & Kevin discuss include:

  • The most recent NXT Tapings
  • Rumored plans for Rusev on Smackdown Live
  • Baron Corbin getting a shot at the US Title next week
  • Bayley wanting to headline WrestleMania 35
  • Potential new feud for Breezango
  • RAW and Smackdown Live seeing ratings increases despite competition

Today’s episode also features a backstage interview from Viva La Rasslin’ 2 with “Alter Boy” Alex Ohlson!

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