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Gregory Iron Suffers ‘Severe Weiner Injury’; Launches GoFundMe

This past weekend popular independent wrestler Gregory Iron suffered a “severe weiner injury” and has subsequently launched a GoFundMe looking for assistance with his medical bills.

Greg is a class act and amazing wrestler. It breaks my heart to hear he’s dealing with something this painful. If you can help him out please do.

Donate To Gregory Iron’s GoFundMe Page

Here is the description from his GoFundMe page:

If you’ve looked at the picture for this Go Fund Me, you’ll probably find my shirt to be ironic. That’s because with a catheter in my penis , the chances of me getting pie anytime soon are very slim.

I’ve suffered a severe weiner injury.

I’m Gregory Iron, a professional wrestler competing with cerebral palsy. If you know anything about me, you know that I’d like to make light of this situation, but it’s actually pretty serious. So let’s start from the beginning of this horrific story.

My Saturday morning (September 30th) started off rough. After leaving my hotel in my personal vehicle for a professional wrestling show with fellow pro wrestlers Zach Gowen and “Son of Havoc” Matt Cross, a truck collided with my vehicle while pulling into a gas station. No one was hurt, thankfully, but my car suffered damage to the front end, leaving it barely drivable.

Of course, we drove another 3 hours to the show in New Jersey anyway.

That evening, myself and Zach were set to perform as “The Handicapped Heroes.” I perform with C.P. which leaves me with one functioning arm, while he is a cancer survivor that performs with one leg. If you know anything about pro wrestling, it’s an athletic performance in which the wrestlers work together to stage combat.

The match was very much below our standard of performance (not our fault), and it didn’t get much better. In the closing moments of the match, I went to do a “turnbuckle crotching” on the top rope, where the opponent lighly pushes my leg, I brace my fall with my arm on the top rope and drop my groin onto the top turnbuckle. When the time came for the spot, the spot was rushed and my leg was pushed a little harder than I would have liked. I braced myself as good as I could in the moment, and took the crotch. I didn’t hurt at the moment. My main concern was that the crotching most likely looked poor on camera and to the fans.

I got to the locker room, pretty upset about all of the timing issues and miscues in the match. I looked down at my wrestling trunks, and there was a tiny spot of blood on the center of my gear… and it was quickly growing. I walked frantically to the bathroom, opened my trunks– and blood was pouring out of the hole of my penis.

EMS was called, and I was rushed to a local medical facility. I arrived at around 9pm, and over the course of the next 16 hours, nurses, doctors, and urologists would be poking and prodding at my Hogan to figure out what was wrong.

They did 2 ultrasounds. They stuck needles in my Sexton Hardcastle. They did, what was supposed to be 5 minutes of x-rays, for TWO HOURS, while continually shooting dye into my Big Unit Randy Johnson. At one point, they stuck a camera into my Knight Rider.

(sometimes you have to laugh to hide the pain and the tears.)

My luck, of course, the staff commented that they haven’t seen an injury like this to a dong in FIFTHTEEN years.

Go figure.

When it was all said and done, they determined that I either have a bruise, or minor tear, in my urethra. When I was released to go home yesterday afternoon, I was given prescription antibiotics and a variety of hospital supplies. Those supplies included multiple urine bags, as there is currently a catheter helping me pee. I go back to the doctor at the end of the week, and at that point we determine what’s officially wrong, and what’s next.

And that brings us to this Go Fund Me.

While I’ve cracked a few jokes, I’ve got to be honest, I have never felt lower. For the next several days, I’m staying with someone who can help me shower, help me walk around, and change my bags, as I cannot do it with one functioning hand. I’m usually very active, especially in the gym, and I’m stuck in bed and in a chair all day.

I don’t usually mention this on social media– During the week, I work for Murray Ridge Center with adults who live with developmental disabilities. For what appears to be at least the next 2 weeks, I will not be able to earn income from my job during the week.

Doctors are also suggesting that I cancel all of my pro wrestling bookings for at least the month of October. So I’ll have no income coming from pro wrestling. When I return to the ring, I’ll need new trunks– two of mine now have permanent blood stains in the crotch and are now unwearable

I have rent and bills to pay, I need grocieries to eat, as well as a car that needs fixed so that I can get around safely again and on top of that, I have a number of medical bills to pay.

Fortunately, I do have medical and car insurance, but I still need to cover some of the cost to both, and I have at least two doctors appointments scheduled that medical will not cover.

When you contribute to my Go Fund Me, you’ll be helping me get through the next month of my life, pay my bills, eat, and helping to put this weekend behind me. My goal is $4,500, and anything over my goal that I get, I plan on donating to The Murray Ridge Center to benefit those in the workshop with developmental disabilities.

This was one of the most horrific incidents I’ve ever experienced (I hope no man reading this ever experiences what I am going through). I’m in a tremendous amount of physical and mental pain. This feels like the hardest thing I’ve ever had to deal with. I’ve put my body and my long term health on the line for thousands of wrestling fans for over a decade… And I really hate that I have to make a Go Fund Me and ask you guys for help, but I just want you to know that I will appreciate anything you can contribute.

If you’re looking for something in return for your money, I encourage you to buy my Wrestling Bud, available through Corey Rae Jepsen, or to head on over to my Pro Wrestling Tees store and pick up a t-shirt. I hope to have a special shirt out this week to help me through this difficult situation.

I appreciate your time, your support, and your well wishes.


Here is video of CM Punk and Colt Cabana putting Greg over at an AAW Wrestling show in Chicago from 2011 when CM Punk was teasing he may leave WWE: