Stevie Ray Comments On Alleged Backstage Incident With Mike Awesome, WWE Pays Tribute To Las Vegas Shooting Victims

Stevie Ray

On a recent episode of his Stand Up For Greatness podcast, Stevie Ray addressed an alleged backstage incident between himself and Mike Awesome in WCW.

Stevie Ray told host Matt Topolsky that he’s not sure where this news got out, but he would set the record straight, saying:

As far as Mike Awesome goes, I won’t tell a lie. Mike Awesome pissed me off, that’s what happened. When you piss me off, and I get pissed off, I’m ready to put my foot in your ass. That’s what happened with Mike Awesome. One night, he did a fucked up move on my brother and he almost hurt him, so you hurt somebody in my family, I’m gonna fuckin’ hurt you. That’s what happened with Mike Awesome, God rest his soul. I wanted to kick Mike Awesome’s ass so I asked him to come into the room, closed the door behind him and went to… I grabbed him by the collar and I asked him point blank, ‘Did you try to hurt my brother.’ He said ‘no, I didn’t try to hurt your brother.’ But, if he had said yes, I would have fucked him up. So… anything else you want to know?



Tonight’s episode of WWE RAW opened with a moment of silence for the victims in this weekend’s shooting in Las Vegas. The following graphic also appeared on air: