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Exclusive: Davey Boy Smith Jr. Opens Up About Stopping A Woman From Jumping Off A Bridge In Calgary

WrestleZone has just released the following exclusive interview with New Japan Pro Wrestling star and IWGP Tag Team Champion Davey Boy Smith Jr. via WrestleZone Radio on iTunes.

In the full interview Davey discusses how he stopped a woman from committing suicide this past Sunday night. The woman was about to jump off a bridge in Calgary and Davey was able to use his grappling skills to get her off the bridge ledge and subdue her.

You can find some of Davey’s in-depth comments transcribed below.

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DBJ: A good thing with my training is when I had her in the mount position she was really trying to squirm and get away and buck me off. People when they are in this sort of “fight or flight” mode they have a really huge adrenaline rush and sometimes they can be very, very strong and powerful for a short amount of time. You hear about people lifting up cars to save people’s lives. In that kind of situation they almost don’t feel any pain. So, I was able to mount her and she kept trying to buck me off and I told her, “You’re not going to buck me off. You aren’t going to move unless I let you move. You aren’t going anywhere. Just calm down. I am here for you. You’ve made a mistake.” I didn’t need to put her in a chokehold, strangle her or put an armbar on because it wasn’t necessary. I just had to neutralize her so she couldn’t harm me and I wouldn’t be able to harm her. Luckily, when police arrived they arrested her and we found out she actually didn’t have a gun. People that are scared like that they start threatening and they’ll threaten they have a gun or threaten they are going to jump. I am really glad I was there to save her because, thinking back on it, I don’t know what her mental thinking was at the time. If the police had arrived on scene and they are trying to save her and she thinks, “I’ve gone this far and I am going to be arrested.” Thinking all these negative things. Maybe she would have just jumped. I don’t know what kind of thought process she had. The main thing I want to promote out of this is not how great I am or how tough I am, some people have accused me of that, what I want to promote out of this is that people should not be afraid to reach out for help. People should also never be afraid to also give a helping hand.

Davey also opens up about his IWGP Tag Team Title win with Killer Elite Squad, his relationship with Minoru Suzuki and more.

If you are struggling with depression or suicidal tendencies Davey wanted us to encourage those in need to contact 403-266-HELP.

The full interview can be heard in the embedded player at the top of this post.

WrestleZone would like to thank New Japan Pro Wrestling for helping us facilitate this interview with Davey Boy Smith Jr.