Photo Credit: WWE

Updated Rumours On WrestleMania 35 Location

Towards the back end of every calendar year, many wrestling fans start to hear rumblings regarding the potential host of future WrestleManias. Whilst the announcement is usually made around January time, we can start to get a pretty good idea of who is in the running due to how many factors are in play.

We’re still in the ‘rumours’ stage of things right now and as frustrating as that may be, it’s certainly interesting to see what cities are being discussed more than others. When it comes to WrestleMania 35, it seems as if the race has been narrowed down to just a few cities.

According to Twitter user @TicketDrew & DeArron Easley, both of whom have been able to break several WWE stories over the years, cities such as Minneapolis, Indianapolis, Toronto & Miami are all out of the running. Apparently the front-runners at this time are Detroit, Philadelphia and New York, with the Michigan city currently being tipped as the favourite to host the event in 2019.

It’s worth repeating that this is all speculation at this stage from our end and it could be way off base, but in terms of the updated rumour mill, these are the cities that have people talking.