WWE RAW Results (10/30) Stephanie McMahon Rips Kurt Angle, Alexa Bliss Defends, Braun Strowman Destroys!

WWE RAW Results – 08/17/15WWE Raw Results

October 30th, 2017

Report By Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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As the show starts, Michael Cole announces that extra security has been hired to stop another Smackdown Live invasion. The entire Raw roster is on the stage.

In Ring Segment: Kurt Angle

Angle says Shane McMahon took friendly competition too far. Shane took advantage of his friendship with Angle and the Raw roster paid the price. Angle apologizes to the entire Raw roster. Angle is about to say something about Survivor Series but Stephanie McMahon interrupts him. Stephanie says she can’t let Angle start the show on such a depressing note. Stephanie welcomes the crowd to the show. Stephanie says that we will soon be celebrating the 25 year anniversary of Raw. Stephanie says when Vince McMahon made Angle the Raw GM she supported the decision 100%. Even with the illegitimate child thing, the virus that is plaguing the Raw roster and Braun Strowman being compacted in a trash truck Angle has been handling it all in stride.

Angle has led by example and he has earned Stephanie’s respect. Angle tries to explain but Stephanie says she doesn’t care about Angle’s excuses. Shane is a shallow, vindictive person. Shane didn’t get the job done at Hell in a Cell so he is going to do what he always does: pick on Stephanie. Stephanie blames Angle for everything that happened last week. Stephanie tells Angle he is incompetent. Stephanie says Angle is going to have a chance to make it up to her. Angle will be the team captain for the Raw team at Survivor Series. If Angle doesn’t totally annihilate Smackdown Live Stephanie will be looking for a new general manager.