Backstage Update On Ricochet & Sami Callihan Talks With Impact Wrestling, More Details On Talents Being Used For Next Week’s Ottawa TV Tapings

As we previously reported, Impact Wrestling was looking to bring in Ricochet and Sami Callihan for next week’s TV tapings in Ottawa. is reporting talks between Ricochet and Impact Wrestling have fallen through, and he is not expected to be working at next week’s TV tapings at this time.

Tessa Blanchard, who is also Ricochet’s girlfriend, is going to be at the Impact tapings, and Sami Callihan is said to be “100% debuting next week” due to be included in pretaped promos for oVe.

Depending on when the when the Impact shows aired, it’s possible Ricochet could work for the company, but not likely given the circumstances. Impact is taping enough content to most likely take them through the end of 2017, and (unless something’s changed) Ricochet can’t appear on another US based wrestling TV show until January 16th at the earliest due to a stipulation in his Lucha Underground contract.

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Addtionally, PWInsider noted a number of Canadian talents are expected to work next week’s shows as referees, ring announcers and lower talent. It was said that Impact would be eligible for a number of tax breaks if they are using a certain number of Canadian employees for the tapings. With that change, Impact will not bring part of the regular production team to Canada with them, and Braxton Sutter and Dutch Mantell’s names were mentioned as two who will not travel for the tapings.