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WWE Survivor Series Results (11/19) Raw Battles Smackdown, Triple H Proves He Is Still The Cerebral Assassin, Strowman Makes His Mark!

wwe survivor series

2017 WWE Survivor Series Results

November 19th, 2017

Report By Lovell Porter for

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Kickoff Show-

In Ring Segment: Elias

Elias runs down Houston and everyone who lives there. Elias tells the crowd to silence their cell phones and shut up. Elias sings that the people should follow him and he will show them the way. The people in Houston are so dumb and before Elias can finish Matt Hardy interrupts.

Elias vs Matt Hardy

Armbar into a hammerlock by Hardy. Elias counter but gets taken over in a headlock. Elias tries to escape, to no avail. Side Russian leg sweep by Hardy. Hardy follows that up with an elbow to the back of Elias’ head off the second rope. After a short break, Hardy whips Elias into the rope and hits a clothesline. Elbow drop by Hardy for a near fall. Elias forces Hardy into the ropes. Elias stuns Hardy on the top rope. Elias stomps Hardy in the corner. Elias slams Hardy’s arm on the ring apron. Elias is focusing his attack on Hardy’s arm/shoulder. Elias slaps on a standing armbar. Elias drops a knee on Hardy’s arm. Hardy’s arm is hanging like a wet noodle.

Elias sends Hardy shoulder first into the ring post. Two count only. Butterfly shoulder breaker by Elias. Hardy manages to kick out. Hardy rolls out to the apron. Hardy counters a clothesline into the side effect on the apron. Elias rolls back into the ring. Hardy slams Elias’ head into each turnbuckle. Corner clothesline followed by a bulldog by Hardy. Elias misses another clothesline and ends up getting side effected again. Second rope elbow by Hardy. Elias kicks out again. Hardy calls for the Twist of Fate. Hardy can’t move his other arm. Elias sends Hardy shoulder first into the ring post. Elias drops Hardy with Drift Away for the win.


Winner- Elias