The Miz On Returning To MTV’s The Challenge, Still Not Getting Enough Respect From The WWE Universe, How Fatherhood Will Change Him

The Miz On Returning To MTV’s The Challenge, Still Not Getting Enough Respect In WWE, How Fatherhood Will Change Him
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The Miz recently spoke with Scott Fishman for TV Insider while promoting his upcoming hosting gig on MTV’s The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars. The show premieres tomorrow night; you can read a few excerpts below:

The Miz on if he was approached to compete in The Challenge instead of hosting it: 

There was a long time where every year I would get invited to do The Challenge, and I kept telling them that I’m retired. I’m retired, I’m retired. I’ve done a couple of the reunion shows. So, they kind of saw my hosting abilities. Then they were like, ‘There is nobody more perfect to host this show than you. You are a WWE superstar as well as a Challenge vet.’ They felt I could relate to both sides of the spectrum. I saw it as a huge compliment. When they offered it to me, it felt so cool to be back. The Challenge is really where The Miz got to open up, and we got to see the character kind of blossom into what he is today.

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The Miz comments on the feelings of impending fatherhood: 

It is absolutely incredible. Everyone always tells you that your life changes once you get a kid. My daughter isn’t born yet. Even still, I can sense my whole being changing the way I look at things. Things I want to teach her and guide her. When I found out it was a girl, I just felt this whole amount of nerve. If it was a boy, I would have been like, ‘Well, I can let him do whatever he wants.’ But with a girl, I want to nurture her. I want to protect her. I want to guide her and make sure she is okay. It’s almost like I am this protector. It really does change you. In my life, I don’t have days off. I literally just got done with the European tour. As soon as I got done, we went to Atlanta to do a show. I’m flying to Los Angeles and tomorrow shooting something for Nickelodeon. After that, I’m do promotion for MTV Champs vs. Stars. Then I go to Houston for Survivor Series. It’s a nonstop job. I need to find a way to balance because I don’t want to be a dad who isn’t there. I want to be there for my daughter. I want to be there to help her with anything she may need. I don’t want it to be that she has a problem and can’t find me or talk to me in person.

That human contact is what you need. Then there is my wife, who is an absolute champ. She is the best that I can possibly ask for. She understands and gets it. She has been in WWE with me, so she knows the lifestyle. She knows what we have to do. We’re workaholics. That’s the problem. I love working. I really enjoy the things that I do. And when you enjoy your work, you don’t want to stop. But you also have to find time for your family.

The Miz comments on the reaction he’s gotten lately from WWE fans: 

Let’s put it this way, it’s about time. Honestly, I still don’t feel I get the respect and the applause I deserve. I’m always striving to do my best and be my best. Right now, I’m more confidence than I have ever been. From a character standpoint, from everything standpoint. I legit wanted Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel by my side because I know the talent they possess. Just having them around, I try to elevate everything. Now I’m at a level where you have to step up to the plate if you want to hang against me. If you don’t, then I will swallow you whole.