WWE Clash of Champions Results (12/17) All Titles On The Line, Shane & Bryan Controversy, New Champ, More

WWE Clash of Champions Results – 08/17/15
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WWE Clash of Champions Results

December 17th, 2017

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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Kickoff Show:

Mojo Rawley vs Zack Ryder

Rawley and Ryder stare daggers at each other. As the bell rings Ryder floors Rawley with a dropkick. Ryder Cactus clotheslines Rawley over the top rope. Rawley drives Ryder back first into the LED board. Ryder surprises Ryder with a baseball slide. Ryder sends Rawley back into the ring. Ryder gets in the ring and walks right into a spine buster. Rawley works over Ryder. Ryder manages to get his knees up as Rawley charges into the corner. Rawley clotheslines Ryder off the top rope. Ryder falls to the outside. Rawley follows Ryder and pounces him into the barricade.

After the break, Rawley is working a side headlock on Ryder. Ryder struggles to his feet. Ryder chin breakers Rawley. Ryder hit the ropes but Rawley boots Ryder in the face. Rawley bad mouths Ryder while mushing him in the face. Rawley is yelling “where is your killer instinct!” Ryder fires up. Rawley asks Ryder if that’s all he’s got. Ryder slaps the mess out of Rawley. Ryder hits two Browski Boots. Rawley gets his foot on the ropes. Rawley kicks Ryder in the gut. Rawley hits the ropes and levels Ryder with a right hand. Ryder is out. Rawley gets the three count.

Winner- Mojo Rawley