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Lisa Marie Varon Reunites w/ Jessie Godderz On Amazon’s Tainted Dreams, What Do Impact Stars Hope To Accomplish In 2018? (Video)

Tainted Dreams

Lisa Marie Varon (aka Tara in IMPACT Wrestling, Victoria in the WWE) reunites with Mr. PEC-Tacular Jessie Godderz on the current season of Tainted Dreams streaming exclusively on Amazon and Amazon Prime.

Varon and Godderz were known in IMPACT Wrestling by the moniker “Hollywood’s Hottest Couple” and “The Hollywood Power Couple.” Godderz, in fact, first debuted for Impact Wrestling at the Bound For Glory 2012 PPV as Tara’s Secret Hollywood Boyfriend.

Godderz tweeted about the appearance tonight:

Godderz plays leading man Dylan Buckwald on TAINTED DREAMS, a “bad boy with a troubled past who is given one last chance to try to get his life together” and Varon portrays his Parole Officer, Carla Santiago, who refuses to give up on him.

TAINTED DREAMS features the behind-the-scenes drama of the fictitious soap opera, “Painted Dreams”. Season 2 of the critically-acclaimed series premiered recently on Amazon in 200+ Countries and Territories around the world.

TAINTED DREAMS was created by Multiple Emmy Award-Winning Director/Producer, the Legendary SONIA BLANGIARDO. She is also currently Director of NBC’s Days Of Our Lives, and the show has already received 5 Daytime Emmy Nominations.

The Question Mark

The following is the latest episode of Impact Wrestling’s “The Question Mark” with the Impact roster revealing what they hope to accomplish in 2018: