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WZ Forum Files #13: Which WWE Newcomer Could Have The Biggest Impact?

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Here’s the topic for WZ Forum Files #13: Which WWE Newcomer Could Have the Biggest Impact?

After the last set of Impact Wrestling tapings, a handful of big names are rumored to be heading back to WWE. In addition to that, there are several names who have either already signed or whose signings are imminent, with many of them wrapping up their commitments to other companies.

These names include Bobby Lashley, Ethan Carter III, Ricochet, Candice Lerae and the tag team of War Machine. Assuming all of these names do come to WWE, which of them do you think will have the biggest impact on the company? You never can tell with some of these names but they could all become big time players. Let us know what you think and see if your pick makes an impact on the main page.

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Tommy Hall’s Wrestle Rumble Winning ResponseEl Killjoy

In a company that loves it’s Big, Sweaty Men, how can the Big Sweaty Man not make a big impact upon return? I’m of course talking about Bobby Lashley. Who from 2014 to today showed he wasn’t just the stiff Battletoad we knew from 2007. He could be a legitimate, capable wrestler. Hell, one could argue his run with TNA as Champion was what Brock Lesnar could’ve been if WWE bothered to book him once a month for a match.

Lashley has shown to have main event potential even before leaving WWE and it grew since then with his time in Bellator with his time in TNA helping polish his in-ring skills. And if by some crazy chance, WWE manages to rope Dan Lambert to come along with Bobby Lashley, well lets just say we have a very interesting match for not just Brock Lesnar, but for Paul Heyman too.

Sure, War Machine are also a pair of Big, Sweaty Men. Extremely talented Big, Sweaty Men. But they’re a tag team. And there’s a ceiling for tag teams. And while Candace LeRae and Ricochet are two extremely talented performers, WWE doesn’t exactly have the best track record when it comes to extremely talented smaller guys and women.

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