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Braun Strowman On Being ‘A Country Boy With A Cool Job’, Explains Relationship w/ Milwaukee Brewers, Inspiration For His Ring Name

Braun Strowman was a recent guest on TMJ4 while promoting tonight’s WWE RAW taping in Milwaukee; you can read a few highlights (transcription credit to Bill Pritchard for and watch the clip below:

Braun Strowman on his immediate success in WWE: 

It’s surreal. It really is surreal, I can’t think of anything else to describe it. It’s happened so fast, everything’s taken off in such a positive way for ‘Braun Strowman’ and my character with WWE, it’s a dream, I’m living a fairy tale right now, to be honest. To see the work that I’ve put in come across the screen to the fans, to being turned into a video game character, action figures, to seeing my friends and family around the world playing with my toys, man it’s… I’m a country boy with a cool job. That’s what it boils down to. I’ve been blessed, being lucky with being in the right place at the right time. Man, it’s been an unbelievable ride and I’m just getting started.

Strowman reveals the inspiration for his ring name, his relationship with the Milwaukee Brewers: 

The Brewers welcomed me with open arms. Last year I wanted to come to a game, and they found out, I didn’t really reach out. I went with my cousin, and where he worked, every month or so, his boss would take him to watch a Brewers game. I just happened to be in town and they asked if I wanted to come, so I jumped along and went and someone noticed I was there. All of the sudden, I’m getting phone calls, and the Brewers [public relations] guy comes and grabs me and take me and my cousin down to the press box and takes us downstairs to meet the players.

Funny story, I wanted to meet [Brewers right fielder] Ryan Braun because that’s a big influence of where ‘Braun’ came from. I had pitched a bunch of different names to the company and they turned them all down. It got down to a time crunch, and it’s ‘we need to figure something out’ and we were sitting around the [WWE] Performance Center and ‘SportsCenter’ was on. They were talking about Ryan Braun and I was like, ‘Braun. Braun… that sounds pretty good!’ Look at me; I’m 6’8’’ and 385 pounds and Braun’s pretty fitting.