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New Japan Cup Night 1 Results (3/9) Robinson vs. Yujiro, Elgin vs. Ishii, More.

New Japan Cup Night 1 Results (3/9) Live In Progress

New Japan Pro Wrestling kicked off their annual New Japan Cup Tournament in Korakuen Hall. The show aired on 3/9 on

FIRST MATCH: CHAOS (Chuckie T, Hirooki Goto & Toru Yano) vs. Shota Umino, Tomoyuki Oka & Tetsuhiro Yagi

Oka and Goto start the match, the crowd firmly behind Oka. They lock up. Oka gets the better of the lockup and pummels Goto with forearms. Goto comes back and dominates Oka. Yagi tags in, but is also dominated by Goto. Chuckie T tags in.

Yagi gets some offense on Chuckie but eats a dropkick and a back suplex. Goto tags in and floors Yagi with a back elbow for two. Goto kicks the back for two. Goto locks in a straight jacket choke. Goto sends Yagi into the exposed turnbuckle. Yano tags in and whips Yagi into the turnbuckle. Yano continues to dominate Yagi until he eats a drop kick.

Oka tags in and clears the apron. Oka hits a back elbow. Oka hits a Belly To Back Suplex for two. Oka and Goto exchange strikes. Oka hits a suplex on Yano. Chuckie tags in. Shota tags in.

Shota takes out Chuckie and then dominates him in the corner. Shota climbs the rope and hits a missile dropkick for two. Chuckie T comes back with a high knee. Chuckie misses a moonsault. Shota hits La Magistral for two.

Chuckie T puts Shota on the top rope and hits Awful Waffle for the pinfall.


SECOND MATCH: Killer Elite Squad (Davey Boy Smith Jr. & Lance Archer) vs. Bullet Club (Bad Luck Fale & Tanga Loa)

Archer and Loa start the match. KES goes for a Killer Bomb right away but Bad Luck Fale breaks it up and throws Davey out of the ring and into the barricade. Everyone brawls at ringside.

Archer and Loa beat the countout at 16 and Tanga Loa immediately goes after Archer’s back. Archer hits a swinging side slam, turning the tide. Davey Boy tags in and keeps Tanga Loa grounded. Tanga tries to fight out but Davey sends him to the corner. Archer tags in and they hit a double powerslam. Archer hits a huge running shoulder block. Archer chokes Loa with his bandanna. Davey Boy tags in.

Smith hits a Gutwrench Suplex for two. Davey works a headlock. Archer comes in and they go for a Hart Attack that Tanga Loa reverses with a DDT. Tanga tags Fale. Fale dominates Davey Boy in the corner. Fale goes for a running splash but runs into a choke from Archer. Fale whips Archer into Davey Boy but misses the double splash. Double tackle and a double splash/leg drop from KES gets two. KES goes for Killer Bomb but Fale is too big. Davey Boy runs into Archer, Fale knocks down Davey. Tanga tags in. Running Splash from Fale. Blue Thunder Bomb by Tanga Loa is broken up by Archer. Davey Boy hits a huge boot to Tanga Loa. Neckbreaker gets two.

Tanga Loa hits a spear. Tanga Loa goes for a Powerslam, but Archer breaks it up. Tanga Loa throws hands with both KES members. He flips them both off as he does it, but gets hit with a Hart Attack for two. Killer Bomb to Tanga Loa gets KES the pinfall.

WINNERS: Killer Elite Squad