matt hardy
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Matt Hardy’s In-Character Comments on Jeff Hardy’s DWI Arrest

Today as more information becomes available about RAW Superstar Jeff Hardy’s DWI arrest in Cameron County, North Carolina from this weekend, the wrestling world continues to respond. On his popular Twitter account, Jeff’s brother Matt Hardy not-so-subtlety commented on the incident which took place Saturday in his ‘Woken’ character.

Matt Hardy was filming the ‘Ultimate Deletion’ match for WWE last week at the Hardy Compound in North Carolina. It’s not known at this time if Jeff was a part of the pre-taped match which was announced last week on RAW, and would see ‘the Woken One’ tangle with Bray Wyatt in the out-of-the-arena fight.

Hardy was recently cleared by his surgeon to return to the ring following a shoulder injury in the fall of 2017, and was reportedly going to report to WWE medical official soon, to get an official release from them. It is unclear at the time how this DWI arrest will affect Hardy’s return.

Here is the latest on the Jeff Hardy story as it develops.