The Fabulous Moolah
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WWE Receiving Backlash Regarding Fabulous Moolah Match; Andre The Giant Battle Royal Is Happening

The Mirror has a new report out looking at some of the backlash WWE has received from fans regarding accusations made about Moolah’s professionalism during her career. We’ve included an excerpt from the article below. You can read the full piece by clicking HERE 

Fabulous Moolah, real name Mary Ellison, has been repeatedly accused of exploiting women and abusing her power.

Various stories have emerged claiming she would ‘pimp’ trainees out, hold them back if they were showing signs of surpassing her, and taking a high percentage of booking fees.

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Andre The Giant Battle Royal Is Happening

According to this week’s Wrestling Observer Radio, the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at Wrestlemania is happening despite not yet being promoted on WWE TV. The multi-man match is still in the works with superstars from Raw and Smackdown competing.