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New Japan Cup Night 5 Results (3/14) Who Advanced To The Semi-Finals?

New Japan Cup Night 5 (3/14) Quarter Finals Begin
Credit: NJPW/TV Asahi

New Japan Pro Wrestling kicks off the quarter final round on Wednesday. The show is set to close with Hiroshi Tanahashi taking on Bad Luck Fale. Fale made it to the finals of last year’s tournament, but was defeated by 2017 New Japan Cup Winner Katsuyori Shibata.

FIRST MATCH: Tetsuhiro Yagi & Ryusuke Taguchi vs. Suzuki-gun (El Desperado & Yoshinobu Kanemaru)

Yagi starts for his team. Desperado starts for his team. Yagi dominates Desperado with chain wrestling. Yagi grounds and stretches Desperado. Desperado grabs Yagi’s hair to get free, but Yagi maintains dominance. Yagi drops Desperado and clears the corner. Yagi gets thrown out of the ring. Everyone Brawls On The Outside™.

Kanemaru tags in. Yagi beats the count at 16. Kanemaru bodyslams  Yagi repeatedly. Kanemaru locks in a Boston Crab. Yagi fights to the ropes. Desperado tags in and smacks the snot out of Yagi, peppering his with strikes. Taguchi tries to help but is fought off. Kanemaru tags in, but eats a boot from Yagi. Yagi hits a Dropkick. Taguchi tags in.

Taguchis hits a Hip Attack. Taguchi hits multiple hip attacks on Kanemaru and then hiptosses Desperado. Kanemaru hits a hip attack on Desperado and a running dropkick on Kanemaru. Taguchi hits Three Amigos and then locks Kanemaru in the Ankle Lock. Kanemaru fights out.

Taguchi signals for the Bomaye and gets a dropkick to the butt. Desperado counters a hip attack with an atomic drop. Yagi tags in but Kanemaru drags him out of the ring. Yagi dodges getting thrown into the barricade and floors Kanemaru with a forearm. In the ring, Yagi and Taguchi double team Desperado. Taguchi hits an Enziguri. Yagi hits a Brainbuster for two.

Desperado goes for a brainbuster, but Yagi rolls into a small package for two. Desperado hits Spinebuster for two. Desperado locks in Stretch Muffler. Yagi submits.

WINNERS: Suzuki-gun

After the match, Suzuki-gun beat up Taguchi, ideally avenging his harassment of Miho Abe.

SECOND MATCH: Shota Umino, Tomoyuki Oka & Yuji Nagata vs. Ren Narita, Toa Henare & David Finlay

Umino and Finlay start the match. Umino fails to outwrestle Finlay, and Narita tags in. Oka tags in and the two go to the ground. They work their way up in a waistlock and exchange a nearfall.

Oka floors Narita with a shoulder block. Oka locks in a toehold/chinlock. Finlay breaks the submission. Nagata tags in and stomps away on Narita. Narita tries to fight back but gets a vicious kick for a receipt. Umino tags in stomps and then tags Oka.

Oka dominates Narita. Narita fights back with a dropkick. Finlay tags in and corners Oka. Finlay hits repeated European Uppercuts. Second Rope strike gets two. Oka hits a Belly To Belly. Nagata tags in.

Nagata kicks away at Finlay. Nagata hits a Yakuza Kick. Nagata chops away on Finlay. Nagata dropkick Finlay’s leg. Finlay hits a Uranage Backbreaker. Nagata hits an Exploder. Henare and Umino tag in and the two exchange forearms.

Umino hits a Dropkick. Umino hits a forearm. Umino hits a Missile Dropkick for two. Narita locks in the armbar, but Henare rolls him up for two.

Umino fights out of the Samoan Drop, only to fall to a lariat. Henare hits the Samoan Drop for the pinfall.

WINNERS: Toa Henare, David Finlay & Ren Narita.