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Exclusive: LAX’s Santana On The Barbwire Massacre Match, Skewering Dave Crist, Callihan/Edwards Incident, Latin American Talent, More

Santana Interview
Photo Credit: Impact Wrestling

WrestleZone’s Lovell Porter was granted the opportunity today to speak with Impact Wrestling star Santana.

You can find some highlights from WrestleZone’s interview with LAX‘s Santana below.

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On what first got him into pro wrestling:

Santana: I have been into wrestling since I was a kid. My grandparents actually got me into is around the age of like three or four. I remember the first event I ever watch was WrestleMania 7 on a VHS tape. That was the begging right there; where I got bit by the bug. The First match I actually remember and what got me into it was the Hart Foundation vs the Nasty Boys…the most random match ever. That’s the match that drew me to wrestling and made me fall in love with Bret Hart.

On how he and Ortiz ended up in LAX and Impact Wrestling:

ST: Well, we’ve been wrestling ten years and we have been tagging for like seven years now. We were driving up and down the independents trying to make a name for ourselves just like anybody else. One day randomly I was in the middle of making lunch for my daughter and I got a call from Ortiz. He told me I needed to drop whatever I was doing and look at our email. We have a joint email for business. He said drop everything go to the emai.l We just got an email from Jeremy Borash and you need to call him asap. I was like alright, you’re kidding me. Stop bullshitting me. I thought he was working me the whole time.

So, I am like I am in the middle of making lunch for the baby. At the time Ortiz was still working his shoot job so he couldn’t call himself. I thought he was joking but Ortiz got very serious. So, I was like ok, I checked the email and JB had actually emailed us. I gave him a call back and JB told us what they (Impact) were looking for and that they have been watching us for a little bit and they liked what they had seen. JB asked if we were able to fly out in two days. I told him yes, we are, or we are now (laughs). Next thing I know we were in Florida and that how fast it happened. It was pretty cool. JB told us that he had heard good things about us from Konnan and Homicide, so everything happened pretty fast.

On dealing with the transition from Impact to GFW to Impact

ST: To tell you the truth it was a very, very hectic time period in the company. We were just coming in, so we didn’t know exactly what was going on. Lots of running around by everyone on all side. Us being the new kids, new to this “TV” world we just kinda sat back and observed as much as possible. All we could do was take the good with the good and the bad with the bad. It was one of those things where we just had to sit back and let things work themselves out. It was definitely a hectic time just coming in.

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