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Impact Wrestling Results (3/15) Sydal’s Spiritual Advisor Revealed, Feat Or Fired Main Event, More

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Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with the competitors who will be competing in tonight’s Feat or Fire match. Borash reminds us all that briefcases that contain a shot at the World, X-Divison, and tag team titles will be on the line in the match. The final briefcase holds a pink slip. Whoever gets the pink slip will be fired from Impact Wrestling immediately.

Fallah Bahh vs Sami Callihan w/oVe

Callihan tries to attack Bahh from behind but Bahh turns around and startles Callihan. Callihan falls to the mat in fear. Bahh waves a finger at Callihan. Bahh floors Callihan with a shoulder block. Bahh tries to stomp on Callihan but Callihan keeps rolling out of the way. Callihan ends up rolling right out of the ring. Callihan gets back in the ring but Bahh destroys him with a running cross body block. Bahh tries to stomp Callihan again but Callihan bites Bahh’s foot. Callihan stomps on Bahh. Running big boot by Callihan for a near fall.

Callihan puts Bahh in a camel clutch. Bahh stands out of it but Callihan sweeps him down to the mat. Callihan chops Bahh but it does nothing. Bahh chops Callihan, then splashing him in the corner. Belly-to-belly by Bahh for a near fall. Callihan tries to clothesline Bahh but Bahh turns it into a Samoan drop. Bahh drags Callihan to the corner and sets up a Bonzai drop. Callihan moves out of the way and kick Bahh in the back of both knees. Callihan lifts Bahh off the top and hits a dangerous DVD for the win.

Winner- Sami Callihan

After the match, oVe and Callihan try to repeat the baseball bat incident that happened with Eddie Edwards. Edwards’ music hits and Edwards runs into the ring with a ball bat and makes the save.