WWE NXT Results
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WWE NXT Results (3/28) Dusty Classic Continues, Almas Brutalizes Black, New Title Announced, More

March 28th, 2018

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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Tommaso Ciampa finds William Regal outside. Ciampa complains to Regal that Johnny Gargano attacked him last week, showed up to his physical therapy and his house at 3 AM. Regal tells Ciampa that he is going to have a match against Gargano at Takeover. If Gargano wins, he gets his job back. Is Ciampa win Gargano is banished for life. Since Gargano isn’t employed here anymore it will have to be an unsanctioned match.

In Ring Segment: William Regal

Regal welcomes the crowd to the show. Regal announces that at Takeover: New Orleans they are going to introduce the NXT North American title. The North American champion will carry the championship with pride. Before Regal can finish his thought, EC3 interrupts. EC3 says he is going to bask in this moment because he deserves it. EC3 says he knew Regal was a kind man when he gave him the opportunity to come to NXT. EC3 thanks Regal for the huge contract and banger of a theme song. EC3 says he had no idea that Regal would create a new title and award it to him on his very first day! EC3 says Regal is a very smart man. Regal knows that EC3 is the best person to represent North America. Regal cuts EC3 off. Regal says he is happy EC3 is here as a competitor but no one is handed anything in NXT. Regal puts over EC3 and where he has come from. Regal tells EC3 that he will get to compete for the new title against 5 other competitors in a ladder match. EC3 says it doesn’t matter how many people Regal lines up. At Takeover EC3 is going to show everyone that he is the top 1% of this industry.

Backstage, as TM61 is giving an interview Ember Moon and Shayna Baszler get into a fight in the background.