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Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Adam Cole Comments On Pulling ‘Double Duty’ At NXT Takeover, Relationship w/ Fish & O’Reilly, Buzz For His NXT Debut

Adam Cole recently spoke with Brian Fritz for Sporting News; you can read a few highlights below:

Cole comments on hearing about the buzz inside the arena for his NXT debut, being told about the fans chanting for him: 

No. See, I had been told that. I didn’t hear them but I had been told that there was a rumbling that I might be there and people had shirts on and people were chanting. That kind of started to put my mind at ease. I remember thinking maybe people are aware that I’m here and maybe people do care but maybe it’s only a few.

There’s so much second-guessing that goes on in your brain for such a big moment like that. You just want it to go so well and you want it to be perfect and you want it to be awesome. Of course, that’s where the questioning comes in. I did hear, actually, that the fans were kind of rumbling and hoping that I was going to show up. That was pretty cool to hear.

Cole comments on his relationship with Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly, if they all thought they would debut together: 

That’s the funny thing. Me, Bobby, and Kyle have talked about this before. For some reason, the three of us never put into our brains that they were going to put us together. We had no idea what we were going to do but there was never a point where any one of us said “hey, maybe they’ll the three of us together”. When they did, we were stoked. So excited. Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly are seriously like brothers to me. I’ve known those guys for years.

I’m about as close, personal friends with them as you can get with anyone. When they decided they were going to throw us all together, I was like this is amazing. We were immediately stoked about it just because being able to share pressure with someone, being able to ping pong ideas with someone creatively, being able to share success or to share cool moments and cool opportunities with your really, really good friends… I say this all the time: the only thing cooler living your dream is getting to do it with your buddies. So, to do it with Bobby and Kyle has been so, so awesome. The three of us, for some reason, never thought that was a possibility until it actually happened.

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Cole comments on pulling ‘double duty’ at Takeover this weekend: 

It will be interesting. First and foremost, I think the focus has been the Undisputed Era has the NXT Tag Team Championship so, of course, we have to focus on making sure we hang on to those but at the same token, the six-man ladder match for this new NXT North American Championship, that sounds pretty darn cool too. This new championship being introducer at TakeOver, you want to talk about having a history-making night, that would be amazing to be able to walk out as North American Champion, to be able to retain the NXT Tag Team Championships.

We say all the time we want to shock the system. I have no idea how we’re going to do this but we’re going to try our best to pull it off as best we can and just have the absolute best matches that we can. You want to talk about a high-pressure night — NXT TakeOver: New Orleans is going to be high pressure.