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Harry Smith Explains Why He Threw Coffee at Jake Roberts’ Face

WrestleZone just spoke with “Davey Boy Smith Jr” Harry Smith regarding the incident from earlier today at WrestleCon where he threw hot coffee in the face of WWE Hall of Famer Jake “The Snake” Roberts.

Exclusive: What Led To Harry Smith Throwing Hot Coffee In Jake Roberts Face At WrestleCon?
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Harry Smith’s Take on the Incident

According to Harry, Roberts refused to apologize to him for disparaging comments he had made about his father “The British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith in various podcast appearances. When Harry went to confront Roberts at his WrestleCon table about it Roberts declined the conversation.

Once Roberts declined to talk it out Harry then asked Roberts to step outside and settle their issues with a fight. At that point Roberts began to swear and told Harry to, “F*ck off.”

Harry Smith then threw the cup of coffee in Roberts face. Harry claims Roberts daughter then tried to fight him and says that, “Jake and his daughter were acting inappropriate and wanted to start a scene.”

Harry also claims that Roberts had offered him drugs at the 2012 WrestleCon and that was another issue that he had problems with Roberts about.

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