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John Cena’s Piano Video and George Barrios on WWE Localization

Although we all know that John Cena likes his cryptic messages, his piano video once again perplexed millions. In other news, George Barrios recently gave an interview for Fast Company in which he talked about localizing WWE network.


WWE Network Localization

George Barrios recently spoke with Fast Company; you can read a few highlights below:

Barrios comments on localizing WWE Network around the world: 

“When we launched [WWE Network], it was a huge risk for us. So we had to manage how much we were going to invest. We knew that there were a lot of folks outside the U.S. who would still subscribe even though it’s a U.S. product. We’ve got about 400,000 subscribers outside the U.S. even though it’s a U.S. product. It’s this decision around managing priorities and investment. We’re going to localize–it’s just a matter of when.”

“Localization isn’t just voicing over or subtitling content around the world. Our storytelling over the decades, it’s become more nuanced. Maybe 30 years ago, not a lot of nuance. As the percentage of international talent in that pipeline gets bigger and bigger, I think [having more nuanced talent becomes] organic. When you infuse that many cultures from around the world, I really do believe it’ll happen naturally. It will be less about us having to write it. The characters and the personalities evolve onto themselves.”

John Cena’s Piano

John Cena posted the following video of himself playing The Animals’ “House Of The Rising Sun” earlier today:

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I’m sure this has something to do with ‘rising again’ after defeat, but Cena did recently say he was learning to play piano so he could learn to play a musical instrument. Pretty good skills either way! Check out the video below and see what a talented man this WWE superstar is.