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Impact Wrestling Results (4/12) Scott Steiner Returns, Taya Valkyrie Battles Rosemary in a Demon’s Dance Match!

Report By Lovell Porter for

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In Ring Segment: Eli Drake

Drake is cashing in his tag team title opportunity at Redemption. Drake says he doesn’t do this often but he was wrong. Drake said he was wrong to be upset about getting the tag title shot. Drake’s partner tuck tail and ran. Drake wanted the world title case and he went out and won it! Even when Drake loses he won. Drake lost the world title but now he has a chance to walk away with two titles. LAX interrupts. LAX gets in the ring. Drake leaves and stands on the stage. Konnan demands that Drake tell them who his tag partner is. Drake says a lot of guys in the back can’t be trusted. Drake says it’s someone Konnan knows and used to run with. Scott Steiner comes out and joins Drake on the ramp. Someone actually gave Steiner a microphone! Steiner makes fun of the crowd and Konnan. Steiner says they are going to win the titles. Konnan tries to use mind games with Steiner and Drake.