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Taya Valkyrie Teases Plans For Her On Lucha Underground Season 4, Future Goals, Wedding Plans, If She’d Film A Reality Show w/ Johnny Mundo

Lucha Underground and Impact Wrestling star Taya Valkyrie was a recent guest on the Women’s Pro Wrestling Weekly show on Afterbuzz TV; you can read a few highlights and watch the show below or listen on iTunes:

Taya Talks About Her Wedding Plans:

We are getting married on June 1st.  Putting a wedding together is the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life….harder than wrestling, I swear to my life. As much as there is stuff on the internet and people can tell you stuff;  how to do something easier or whatever….it’s still really-really hard. Trying to coordinate two hundred people and a lot of families. John comes from a giant Irish family, so I have to make sure everyone knows what’s going on and get it all together; I also want it to be really-really perfect. It’s coming along.

Taya Teases About Season 4 of Lucha Underground:

I’m going to say that season four honestly was a really- really big turning point for the Taya character. I felt like she changed and grew and you really see a different side of her, then we had mid-prior seasons….Season four…. so much great stuff Is going on in my life,  professionally and personally so I feel like…it showed. It showed how passionate we all were about that TV show, especially since we took a long hiatus between season three and four. So, some people are going to say “who is this girl,” because I completely feel like my style has changed; the way I wrestle has changed. I’m more confident, I know what I’m doing a lot more. Even though I’ve been wrestling for eight years, you never ever stop learning and growing. I feel like season four is going to be very interesting for everyone to watch.

Taya Talks Filming Season 4 of Lucha Underground In 4 Weeks:

This season was done very compressed compared to past seasons. We did less episodes as well, but I mean we did four weeks of taping for 20 plus episodes,  back to back. So it was a lot; hence I’m still a little bit sick, we all got sick. We were just giving it everything we had, like to put together something we’re really proud of. The new temple is really interesting and different with special little secrets that you all will find out in the future because I will not tell you anything. It was a cool feeling to be back with our little lucha fam.

Taya Talks About How She Stays Healthy:

I actually gained weight and I get it. I actually was been criticized very publicly by fans and things like that because  during season 2 & season 3 (Lucha Underground) I went through all that personal stuff and I went through a bad period of fighting an eating disorder and depression and things like that and now you’re seeing me being healthy and me being in control of myself. So, I just want everyone to make sure everyone knows, that this is healthy! That is what women should look like and anyone who wants to talk S*** about a woman actually looking healthy has got a problem. I train really hard to look like that, I know I’m strong, I don’t get injured……. I used to get injured all the time and now I’m finally standing my ground.

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Talks Of A Possible Reality Show (Taya and her fiance John):

We got approached about something like that a few months ago, but it never ended up happening because of different TV projects that he was involved with at the time. But you never know what the future can hold.   I think that would be hilarious, The Hennigans or The Nitro-Morrison-Mundo Impact Hennigans, whatever you want to call it… Valkyrie’s. If you just followed us around for an hour…

Taya Talks About Filming Glow If Asked:

They actually came to watch an episode of Season 4 this year, which was amazing!  I was totally marking out! I’ve never been approached to be on the show, but I’m obviously open to it.  I would love to be a part of something like that because I think what they are doing is really cool, and the chicks on that show are wicked.  I only saw some of the actresses, but as you know Chavo Guerrero is on Lucha and he is involved with that show, Marty Elias, our referee is also involved with that show, so there is a lot of crossovers, who knows! But hey, hit me up!

Taya Talks Her Time In Mexico & Future Goals:

I just feel like the last few years have been absolutely insane, in a really good way.  I think some of my career highlights have been being able to wrestle different girls in the states and represent Lucha Libre in my own way, in a wera loca way. And whatever that maybe, just kind of open people’s eyes to what Lucha Libre is because I’m in love with Lucha and Mexico changed my life.  For me, I’m very passionate about it and I want people to see it for what it is. I still feel like there is so much more for me to accomplish, AKA also getting the Impact Women’s Title. I’m after it. And there are a lot of things on Lucha that I can’t wait for you guys to watch because there are some pretty big moments in there too.  I want to go back to Japan at some point, I want to go to Europe, I want to go to Australia… I want to travel with John and be able to share all this stuff with him, so we’ll see what happens.

Taya Talks About Possibly Going To WWE:

I think so. Why not? There is another place I have not been so maybe they need a little Wera Loca in their life. And there a lot of really talented women on that roster right now that I think I would have great matches with. And a lot of men that I think I would have great matches with so maybe they need a little spice.

Taya Talks About Her Wrestling Goals  And Being A Female Wrestler In The “Me Too” Movement Era:

I want to main event a giant pay-per-view. I think we are getting more and more respect every day and we proving we can actually wrestle and we are not just here to look cute and shake our butts; like we can actually go. So, why not have me verses, someone to main event on Triplemanía in Mexico. Like, why hasn’t that happened? But, maybe I’ll be the first one to do it or an Impact pay-per-view or something like that. That is the biggest thing for me, so we are given that exact same opportunity as the guys. I think we have shown and proven over and over again that we can go.