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Impact Wrestling Results (4/19): Austin Aries Battles Pentagon Jr And Fenix In The Main Event, Final Hype For Redemption, More

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Intergender Tag Match: Braxton Sutter and Su Yung vs Fallah Bahh and Kiera Hogan

Sutter and Yung attack Hogan and Bahh from behind. Bahh and Hogan surprise Sutter and Yung with double cross body block. Bahh misses a corner splash. Sutter tries a dive off the top but Bahh catches him and suplexes him. Steamroller by Bahh. Bahh tags in Hogan. Hogan hits a splash off the top. Young tags in Sutter. Hogan kicks Sutter in the gut and hits a step up leg drop. Hogan tags in Bahh. Bahh misses a splash on Sutter. Sutter tags in Yung, who hits a basement dropkick on Bahh. Yung tries to pin Bahh but Bahh emphatically kicks out. Bahh is sent to the outside. Yung hits a running senton off the apron onto Bahh.

Bahh crawls back into the ring. Sutter puts Bahh in a rear chin lock. Bahh manages to catch Sutter with a Samoan drop. Hogan and Yung are tagged in. Hogan clears the ring. Hip attack in the corner by Hogan. Sliding dropkick for a near fall by Hogan. Hogan hits the ropes and runs right into a palm strike.  Yung sets up her finish but Hogan escapes and takes Yung over with a butterfly suplex. Sutter pulls Hogan off Yung. After a distraction, Yung hits Bahh with a kendo stick. Bahh turns around and says, “no,!” Sutter sends Bahh to the outside. Hogan blast Sutter with a tornado DDT. Yung palm strikes Hogan and hits the Panic Switch for the win!

Winners- Braxton Sutter and Su Yung

After the match, Allie attacks Yung from behind. Sutter holds Allie while Yung attacks her. Referees break it up.