WWE Smackdown Live Results play by play

WWE Smackdown Live Results (5/15): New Title Match Booked For MITB, Almas Debuts, Styles Take On Nakamura, More

WWE Smackdown Live Results

WWE Smackdown Live Results

May 15th, 2018

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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In Ring Segment: Daniel Bryan

Renee Young tries to ask Bryan a question but she is drowned out by “Daniel Bryan” chants from the London crowd. Young asks Bryan how he is feeling after his loss to Rusev in the MITB qualifier last week. Bryan says he was disappointed. Bryan was happy to be just happy to be back but he isn’t just happy anymore he wants to be back on top. Before all is said and done Bryan will be the WWE champion. Big Cass walks out to a chorus of nothing. Cass says he has been sitting in the back listening to Bryan run his mouth and Cass is sick of it. Cass knows the real truth. Cass says he is the reason Bryan lost to Rusev. Cass is going to make sure Bryan never reaches his goals in WWE.

Cass says he knows he tapped out at Backlash but that was so he could get out of the hold and beat up Bryan all over again. Cass says Bryan won’t be able to go anywhere without a seven-foot shadow. Cass gets into the ring. Bryan attacks Cass. Bryan kicks Cass in the knee. Cass stumbles into the corner. Bryan wraps Cass’ knee around the rope and attacks it. Referees hit the ring and pull Bryan off Cass. Bryan slams Cass’ knee around the ring post over and over again. Bryan puts Cass in a heel hook. Cass taps out even though this isn’t a match.