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Honoring Bookings

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Over the years I have heard it all. I have heard, I can’t find a ride, I can’t find a babysitter, I am sick, something came up, and hundreds more. All of these were excuses to missing a booking. If I was to list the reasons I get from people missing training, I’d be here until next week. But that’s for another day perhaps.

I bring up the subject of honoring bookings because of what I went through this past weekend. I had another school (Hybrid School of Wrestling in San Antonio, Texas) book me for a two day camp. All was fine leading up to the booking. But the day I was supposed to get on a plane I felt a sharp pain in my lower left abdomen. A pain I have felt before. Unfortunately I had a diverticulitis flare up. For those of you who don’t know what this is or how painful it is…it is the ailment that put Brock Lesnar on the shelf. So yes. It’s pretty much an ass kicker. Most would’ve canceled. Most would’ve said let’s reschedule. I am not most people. Those in Professional Wrestling are not most people. Especially the ones who want to succeed and do succeed.

I immediately called my doctor. I knew I needed antibiotics to fight the infection in my colon and I also needed to start my strict clear liquid diet for the next couple days. Fast forward to getting on the plane. Nothing like sitting in extreme pain on a five hour plane ride. Unable to eat and can only drink water. But that flight let me rethink my whole camp I was about to run. It also made think what I would do if I was a wrestler. I would for sure not be able to wrestle. It could lead to my colon breaking open and leaking the contents into my body. Thus killing me. So would I cancel then? No. I’d have told the promoter my situation and since my flight was booked I’d offer to make the trip and give a discounted price for a promo or angle. I would not cancel. I always leave that in the promoter’s hands. But again. I’d have honored the booking. So, as I sat on the plane the pain got worse and worse. I just wanted to get to hotel and get to sleep!

Five hours later I arrived. I got picked up and taken to my hotel. For hours all I wanted to do is get some sleep. Now I’m in my room and I am so excited about the camp the next two days I can not sleep. The next morning I informed the students about my ailment and how I’d be extra grumpy! So from 9am-6pm in over 100° building we dropped knowledge, cut promos, wrestled, ran drills and had a couple Q&A sessions! Then went right to my hotel for some sleep after grabbing some soup with Chris Marval (owner of Hybrid School of Wrestling) I was up at 7am the next day for day two of the camp. From 8am- noon we did matches, promos and went over ROH and WWE tryouts! Then off to the airport. I was there be 1:30pm. My flight left at 6:30pm. Time to sit. Reflect. And no sell the pain in my left side!

I arrived home around 1am that night. I was so happy I did not cancel. It was not even an option in my head. I knew I could and would get through it. I knew it would not only benefit the students if I was there but also benefit myself. I have been alive long enough and have been around pro wrestling long enough that I can spot chances to grow and get better. They usually are not in the easiest of situations. This was one of them. I am not saying for people to ignore concussions or other serious health risks. WhatI am saying is there is always a way to honor bookings. Almost always. You will be a better person for having done so.

I want to thank Chris Marval, Ricardo Rodriguez, Hybrid School of Wrestling, and all the students and campers that attended! You made me feel at home and the time flew by. Top notch facility. Top to bottom great training!

Thanks for listening. Just some guy who loves Professional Wrestling.

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