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Disco Inferno Says Criticism Wasn’t Aimed At Cody Rhodes

Disco Inferno Says Shot Wasn’t Aimed At Cody Rhodes
Photo Credit: Cody Rhodes

Disco Inferno was under heat recently for his comments about how today’s wrestlers work in an unsafe way and have no regard for their safety just so they could get over with Dave Meltzer.

Inferno wrote this statement on Twitter, while replying to a picture of Cody Rhodes‘ eye which got a cut from a match against Kenny Omega and Kota Ibushi.

Cody Rhodes then came in with some remarks about Inferno’s criticisms:

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Inferno recently shed some light on his comments while speaking to Hannibal TV and revealed that he ‘wasn’t burying’ Cody Rhodes.

“So Cody had got busted open. I saw it and I retweeted something like ‘nobody knows how to work anymore. All they want to do is give Meltzer five stars. It’s ridiculous,’ Cody thought I was burying him. I’m not burying him. He’s the guy that got busted open. I’m burying the guy who did this to you.

The reason Inferno gave for his comments is that he feels wrestlers nowadays are being too hard on each other with risky spots that can potentially harm them. He thinks doing high-risk moves in wrestling can increase the chance of getting concussions and serious injuries, and that today’s wrestlers need to work more safely in the ring.

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