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CM Punk & Colt Cabana v Dr Chris Amman Trial Day 3 Morning Notes

Punk/Cabana v Amman Trial Day 3 Morning Notes
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I have been at the Cook County Courthouse, covering Day 3 of the trial between CM Punk, Colt Cabana & Dr. Chris Amman for WrestleZone.

Here are all of the notes from before the trial broke for lunch.

  • Amman arrives just before 9:05am CDT, Cabana arrives shortly after.
  • Punk arrives around 9:10
  • Punk and Cabana are very friendly before the trial.

Video testimony of Timothy Gaeng (recorded 4/26/2018) is played.

  • Gaeng was the Audio Tech (A2) for the 2014 Royal Rumble
  • Gaeng was responsible for setting up “pertinent equipment,” which would’ve been ringside during the 2014 event
  • Works “televised events,” “RAW shows, SmackDown shows,” and then PPVs as well.
  • Gaeng says “I was responsible for setting up the announce headsets and ringside headsets” for the 2014 Royal Rumble
  • Gaeng establishes that Gorilla Position is approx. 30-40 yards from the ring.
  • “I was in the ring announcers corner.”
  • Gaeng says he was “20 feet at most” from the ring during 2014 Royal Rumble
  • Gaeng was able to hear any communications from the production truck.
  • “I was able to hear anyone talking on [ring channel]”
  • Gaeng was able to speak with any A2s or his A1 [supervisor] over his audio system.
  • Gaeng confirmed Punk’s participation in 2014 Rumble and was aware of an incident, though he did not see the injury occur
  • Gaeng heard ring channel communications ask referee if Punk was ok.
  • When asked, “Who was the doc?” Gaeng responded “That would be Dr. Chris Amman”
  • Gaeng heard, “All I heard over the headset ‘is he hurt? Get him out of there,'” and said this likely came from Gorilla Position. Gaeng recognized the voice as Paul Levesque (HHH), “that’s the voice I remember distinctly.”
  • Gaeng says he heard HHH say “If he’s hurt- Check on him if he’s hurt, get him out of there.”
  • Gaeng says he heard the above more than once, but not more than 5 times.
  • Gaeng can’t recall any communications about Punk after that.
  • Gaeng states that Audio Techs wear a different audio device than referees.
  • Medical Staff and Referees wear same communication device.
  • Gaeng saw a ref, or possibly multiple refs, checking on Punk
  • Gaeng says HHH or possible Vince McMahon said “If he’s hurt, check on him.”
  • “It kept going on for minutes,” Gaeng said. When pressed, he estimated it lasted “several minutes.”
  • Gaeng didn’t see Punk get treated by Amman, didn’t hear any conversations
  • It is possible that Amman or other medical staff checked on Punk but Gaeng says his primary concern was his audio duties.

Video testimony of Larry E. Heck (recorded 5/22/2018)

  • Heck is the SmackDown Athletic Trainer, and has been with WWE for 17 years.
  • Heck is in charge of setting up the mobile training center at all SmackDown events (Sat.-Tues.)
  • Heck describes the difference between RAW and SmackDown.
  • Heck knew Punk as a WWE Employee, “I believe he was on SmackDown.”
  • From 10/2013-1/2014 Heck helped Punk “as needed, per show”
  • “At times, I would tape his ankles, tape his knees, stretch him.”
  • “It would be nightly, per request.”
  • Always done in arena, prior to event, in training room.
  • From 10/2013-1/2014 Heck provided Punk with Hot Packs.
  • Heck kept a direct treatment log, that he’d fill out day of treatment an electronically sign. These logs would then be added to Punk’s medical report.
  • System gives Heck access to previous records.
  • Heck describes his services to punk (ankle taping, knee taping, lumbar stretching)
  • Heck says stretching was focused on lower back and lower extremities, hips, etc.
  • Heck primarily applied 12″x12″ hot packs to Punk’s bare lower back, below the beltline. Punk would go through multiple hot packs a night, often not removing them until he was “seconds” from going through the curtain.
  • Heck is shown CM Punk’s entrance from the 2014 Royal Rumble and points out where the hot pack would be applied.
  • From 10/2013-1/2014 Heck noticed no infection, lump, or irregularity on Punk’s lower back.
  • Heck never saw Punk bring up a lump or infection to Amman, nor did he see Punk ask any other medical staff to cut out a lump or infection.
  • Heck was radioed directly by Amman about Punk’s concussion during the 2014 Royal Rumble
  • Heck said Amman told him Punk was “concussed.”
  • Heck went to Gorilla Position, where he was five feet from HHH and Vince McMahon.
  • Heck told HHH that Amman said Punk was concussed.
  • Heck doesn’t remember any other conversations, other than telling Punk to “stay with the doctor.”
  • Billy Kidman was on the radio chatter.
  • Kidman was the one telling Punk to “stay down.”
  • Heck helped Punk backstage and witnessed him cuss people out and leave.
  • Heck said he and Amman tried to get punk to stay.
  • Punk was angered that they stopped him from what he was supposed to do in the match.
  • Heck confirms that anger, confusion and nausea are signs of concussion.
  • Heck did not hear or witness any further communication.

Cabana recognized a fan in the Royal Rumble video that is now a wrestler.

Video testimony of Referee John Cone (recorded 5/3/2018)

  • Cone describes himself as “Essentially, an actor in the play we put on.”
  • Cone was one of four referees involved in 2014 Royal Rumble
  • Cone can only hear Michael Hayes and Billy Kidman over his earpiece during Royal Rumble.
  • Cone can only communicate through hand signals, “Yes” is a closed fist, “No” is a shake of the head, “X” is an injury.
  • Cone describes selling, said Punk was selling to the corner.
  • First communication about Punk came after Amman had already talked with Punk at ringside.
  • Cone: “Are you ok?” Punk: “I’ve got a fucking concussion.” Cone: “Stay down.”
  • Cone is told “Tell Punk to stay down, we’re gonna send Kane to take him out early.”
  • Cone relayed the message to Punk. Punk responds “If you make me leave this fucking match, I’ll fucking quit now.”
  • Cone repeated the direction, but Punk pie-faced him.
  • Cone describes a pie-face.
  • Royal Rumble footage is shown and Cone identifies himself in the footage.
  • Cone confirms that he refereed matches for CM Punk between 10/2013-1/2014
  • Cone confirms that Punk wrestles shirtless.
  • Cone was never made aware of, and never saw, a lump, infection or anything unusual on Punk’s lower back.
  • Cone had no way to hear Amman talking with Punk or any communications afterwards.

Video testimony of Glenn Jacobs (recorded 5/2/2018) is played

  • Kane identifies himself as an in-ring performer.
  • Kane discusses how wrestlers will plan out a match, or in this case, a Royal Rumble elimination.
  • Kane says Punk never made him aware of any lump or infection
  • Kane says he cannot recall wrestling Punk between 10/2013-1/2014.
  • Kane confirms he eliminated Punk “illegally” from the Royal Rumble, eliciting a chuckle from Punk in the courtroom.
  • Kane says the elimination occurred as planned, though possibly earlier.
  • Kane was not privy to Amman and Punk’s conversations.

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