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Best Of Super Juniors Final Block Round (6/3) Full Card, Who Might Advance?

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Full Card For Best Of Super Juniors Last Block Round

New Japan Pro Wrestling will present the last round of block competition for the Best Of Super Juniors tournament. The show will be headlined by Sho taking on Marty Scurll. Also, KUSHIDA & Hiromu Takahashi will continue their rivalry from last year.

An interesting note is that El Desperado will take on Dragon Lee. Both men are longtime rivals of fellow B-Block competitor Hiromu Takahashi. Dragon Lee has been a rival of Takahashi’s since Takahashi’s time in CMLL in 2014, while Desperado and Takahashi have history dating all the way back to their days as NJPW Young Lions. Both men have beaten Hiromu during this competition, and it is likely that the winner will use it against Takahashi in the future.

The event will air LIVE on at 5:30am EDT. English Commentary will be available.

6/3 5:30am EDT

Who Has A Chance To Advance To The Finals?

Short answer: Ishimori, Ospreay, KUSHIDA, Takahashi & Scurll are all in position to advance to the finals, should they win their matches.

Long Answer:

A Block: Ospreay can only advance if he beats Flip Gordon, AND if Ishimori loses to Yoh. Ishimori holds a tie-breaker victory over Ospreay in block competition. Ishimori can only advance if Flip Gordon beats Ospreay, as Gordon holds a tie-breaker victory over Ishimori.

Likely Winner: Ishimori is currently in the best position to advance to the finals for A Block.

B Block: Hiromu Takahashi and KUSHIDA will essentially be fighting over the fate ofB-Block, but being in the middle of the card suggests there could be some shenanigans. Both men have beaten fellow B-Block leader Marty Scurll, but should they wrestle to a time-limit draw, it would only award them one point, and put their advancing in jeopardy. Scurll is set to close the show, and considering he’s main eventing Ring of Honor’s next PPV, he might be bidding farewell to the Jr. Heavyweight division soon.

Likely Winner: KUSHIDA and Takahashi wrestle to a draw, and Scurll defeats Sho. Scurll advances to the finals.

Prediction for Super Jr. Final Match: A match between Bullet Club’s only Jr. Heavyweights sees Ishimori defeats Scurll, as Scurll bids farewell to the Jr. Heavyweight division.