Photo Credit: Monster Factory & WrestleZone

Challenge Yourself

The latest MF’ing Tuesdays goes LIVE tonight on WrestleZone’s Facebook page from The Monster Factory immediately following Smackdown Live. It features a behind the scenes look at how Monster Factory head coach and owner Danny Cage is training the Superstars of tomorrow. You can “Like” WrestleZone on Facebook by clicking HERE.

You are your greatest asset. Also your greatest obstacle. Inside your head. If you have not heard this before, you will once you begin training for a career in Professional Wrestling. What does it mean? Stop over thinking things. Stop questioning your own abilities. You need to trust the training. Trust yourself. Challenge yourself.

There will be times when you think you can’t do things. There will be times you do things and get frustrated because others are getting it and you are not. This is where you need to get out of your head. Your only competition is yourself. Keep your head down. Put in the work. Do not worry how far they have gotten. How well they are doing. The struggle is real. Do not make it worse by being your own enemy. Challenge yourself. Stepping out of comfort zones does not have anything to do with changing zip codes. Sometimes it’s just about getting out of your head and challenging yourself.

The road is long. The road is hard. Do not compare your behind the scenes footage/struggles to someone else’s highlight reel. Worry about getting better. Everyday. Nothing is overnight. If you work hard. Day in. Day out. Consistency is key. Repetition breeds habit! It will be noticed by the right people.

Thanks for reading. Just some dude who loves Professional Wrestling.

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