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How Much Have The McMahons Made In The Last Year?; Trump’s Tactics Inspired By WWE?

How Much Have The McMahons Made In The Last Year?; Trump’s Tactics Inspired By WWE?
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How Much Have The McMahons Made In The Last Year?

According to Forbes, the McMahon Family made more than $100 million during Linda McMahon’s one year tenure as President Donald J. Trump’s head of the Small Business Administration.

The McMahon’s 2017 earnings are broken down in the following:

  • Vince McMahon brought in a minimum of $100 million from dividends, interest on investments, and the sale of stocks and bonds, most of which comes from cashing out stakes in publicly traded companies. Those sales cumulated in $87 million. $73 million of that number comes from when Vince McMahon cashed in 4.3% of his stake in the WWE.
  • The McMahons also sold stocks in other companies. These include Apple, Amazon, and Charles Schwab and from these sales the couple earned at least $14 million, after taxes.
  • Investment income including an estimated $12 million after taxes from WWE dividends, as well as at least $2 million from a portfolio of stocks. These include investments in both Comcast and Microsoft.
  • Linda McMahon earned between $100,001 and $1,000,000 in interest on a $5-$25 personal loan made to a member of her family.
  • Vince McMahon earned a $3.1 million WWE salary in 2017

Forbes estimates that Vince McMahon is the bread winner of the family and worth approximately $2.8 billion, while his wife, Linda McMahon is worth a paltry $37 million.

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Trump’s Tactics Inspired By WWE?

Joe Chidley of Financial Post makes the argument that President Trump’s questionable trade tactics are inspired by his time and 30 plus year relationship with WWE. Chidley claims that Trump is playing Monday Night RAW while other countries (like China) are playing chess.

Chidley elaborates,

“So what’s the similarity? Well, in pro wrestling, the contenders fall into two groups: babyfaces and heels. Babyfaces are the good guys, who stick to the rules and honour alliances. Heels are the villains, who cheat and lie and turn on their “friends.” In the old days, faces got the cheers and heels got the boos, but in today’s “sport” it’s not that simple. The faces routinely turn “bad,” or are portrayed as naïve suckers, while heels are often beloved by wrestling fans. Good is bad. Bad is good.

The point is, give the people what they want — and they want confrontation, conflict and chaos. The “rules,” such as they are, only apply insofar as they provide entertainment value.

Maybe we’re now seeing the ethos of wrestling applied on the global stage — Trump playing heel and babyface in turns, and in different areas, so as to keep the audience (his base) entertained. The trouble is that in wrestling everyone is in on the game; when Trump plays heel to Angela Merkel’s babyface, she has no idea what the hell is going on.”

Chidley doesn’t expect Trump’s methodology to yield much in the way of results and makes the claim that one Trump feud will repeatedly replace another on the global stage.

Those interested in reading Chidley’s full article may do so HERE.