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WWE Hypes Team Hell No Reuniting At Extreme Rules, Amir Jordan vs Joseph Conners: WWE UK Tourney Digital Exclusive (Full Match)

Team Hell No Reuniting At Extreme Rules

WWE.com posted the following preview for the Smackdown Tag Team Championship match at Extreme Rules:

Team Hell No is back, and they have their sights set on the SmackDown Tag Team Titles! After one of the most unexpected reunions in WWE history, Daniel Bryan & Kane will join forces once again to challenge The Bludgeon Brothers for the blue brand’s tag team championship at WWE Extreme Rules on Sunday, July 15, streaming live on WWE Network.

Bryan and Kane were an unlikely team at the beginning of their journey in 2012, starting as bitter rivals who could not stop brawling with each other. But after entering counseling under the guidance of renowned therapist Dr. Shelby, the two learned to put aside their anger and “hug it out,” capturing the WWE Tag Team Championship along the way. Team Hell No’s unique brand of friendship led to pain for the rest of WWE’s tandems, as they felt the full brunt of Bryan & Kane’s unleashed fury. Though the team was extremely popular with WWE fans, the two went their separate ways in 2013.

In recent weeks, Bryan has been dealing with the monstrous Bludgeon Brothers, who demolished him and prevented him from earning a WWE Championship Match. Bryan took on Harper himself in one-on-one action, but he could not fight off both of the mallet-wielding monsters once Rowan interfered. Kane made a surprise return to SmackDown LIVE to help Bryan repel The Bludgeon Brothers, sending the WWE Universe into a frenzy. Despite some initial reservations, Bryan embraced The Big Red Machine as fans around the world roared in approval.

Capitalizing on the surprise reunion, SmackDown LIVE General Manager Paige immediately announced that Bryan & Kane would be squaring off with Harper & Rowan on WWE’s most extreme night of the year.

Will Team Hell No’s reunion be a successful one, or will The Bludgeon Brothers introduce Bryan & Kane to a world of hurt? Find out at WWE Extreme Rules, streaming live on the award-winning WWE Network on Sunday, July 15, at 7 ET/4 PT!

Kane Returns On Smackdown, Team Hell No Reunites; New Title Match Set For Extreme Rules

Amir Jordan vs Joseph Conners

The following match is a digital exclusive from the WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament tapings featuring Amir Jordan versus Joseph Conners: