Photo Credit: Monster Factory & WrestleZone

A Tryout

A Tryout
Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

The latest MF’ing Tuesdays goes LIVE tonight on WrestleZone’s Facebook page from The Monster Factory immediately following Smackdown Live. It features a behind the scenes look at how Monster Factory head coach and owner Danny Cage is training the Superstars of tomorrow. You can “Like” WrestleZone on Facebook by clicking HERE.

Always be prepared. Training is mandatory for those seeking a career in professional wrestling. Just in the past two weeks I had students trying out at the new ROH Dojo in Baltimore and at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. Were they prepared? I’d like to think so. That however does not mean they will get the job.

My advice for tryouts: Be in shape.

I can not speak for all schools but our daily regiment was hand picked from training techniques used at the Performance Center and the ROH Dojo. Remember. Repetition breeds habit. The more you do things and do them right, the easier they become. Second nature. Muscle memory. But training does not stop at your school. You must team that up with extra reps at the gym and cardio. Quick explosive exercises. Hills. Sprints. Burpees. Box jumps. Add on to that nutrition. The engine needs fuel. Fuel and rest. Pro Wrestlers are athletes. Athletes with no off season! Keep that in mind.

Besides being physically prepared you must be mentally prepared. These camps/tryouts are designed to bring out the real you. Push buttons. Take you out of your comfort zone. Just to see how you react. Do you get frustrated? Down on yourself? Blame others? Remember,  perception is reality. If you can’t be coached, can’t listen, can’t take being critiqued, can’t keep your mouth shut, always giving excuses… then you are in trouble. You need to be training this way. Remember, repetition breeds habit. Do it during training and the tryout will be a breeze. Again, this does not mean you’ll get hired.

What if they tell me, “no”? It’s up to you. Is it a, “no”. Or just a, “Not Yet”

That is all up to you. There are numerous names that had WWE tryouts but were not hired right away. Elias, Adam Cole, Mike Bennett just off the top of my head. Same goes for Ring of Honor. Punishment Martinez, Dalton Castle, LSG. But you invest in yourself. You apply what you learned. These camps/tryouts are learning opportunities. Or dream crushers. The choice is yours. I just know that hard work, consistency, and staying on their radar will not be ignored. If it is ignored, it just means not yet. Put in the work. Nothing is over night. Nothing.

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