Kenny Omega
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Four Reasons Why I Don’t Want To See Kenny Omega Wrestle For WWE

Four Reasons Why I Don’t Want To See Kenny Omega Wrestle For World Wrestling Entertainment
Photo Credit: AXS TV

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Kenny Omega is one of the hottest names in professional wrestling today. As he begins his reign as IWGP Heavyweight Champion inevitably fans will wonder, “Should Kenny Omega go to WWE?” Let me answer that for you with a resounding, “NO!”

It has nothing to do with Kenny Omega himself not being able to be successful in WWE and more to do with me being perfectly happy seeing Kenny Omega in New Japan Pro Wrestling as the driving force to their United States expansion. 

Getting Lost In The WWE Shuffle

I do not trust WWE to know what to do with Kenny Omega. I do believe he could have amazing matches with Seth Rollins, AJ Styles, Finn Balor and others. Presently, I do not trust WWE to give him the same platform and freedom with which to create the masterpieces he has created in New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Kenny Omega is a mega star and one of the top draws in New Japan Pro Wrestling. My fear is if he signs with World Wrestling Entertainment he would be relegated to having 7 minute matches on the PPV pre-show. Or would find himself in directionless feuds with guys where they simply trade wins and losses.

Would Kenny Omega fall to the same frustrating WWE booking as Karl Anderson, Bobby Roode or Daniel Bryan? I recall Vince McMahon telling Bret Hart as he was leaving WWE in 1997 for WCW that, “WCW would have no idea what to do with Bret Hart.” I believe that as things are Vince McMahon would have no idea what to do with Kenny Omega.

Leading The New Japan Pro Wrestling North American Expansion

New Japan is as hot now, from a worldwide mainstream standpoint, as it has ever been. The buzz around the recent Kazuchika Okada vs Kenny Omega match at Dominion and the success of this past weekend’s G1 Special has put it at a fever pitch.

New Japan Pro Wrestling has successfully been able to cross over to the United States by running shows in Long Beach, Daytona Beach and now San Francisco. One of the huge factors in that success is having Kenny Omega on the show to bring in audiences from across the United States to New Japan events. Kenny Omega is at the forefront of New Japan Pro Wrestling and is driving the company to heights it has not seen. Leaving that position to join WWE does not make sense from what we know of Kenny Omega.

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