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Potential WWE ‘Heel Turns,’ Is WWE Failing Bayley?

Potential WWE ‘Heel Turns,’ Is WWE Failing Bayley?
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Potential WWE ‘Heel Turns’

Blake Oestriecher of Forbes recently compiled a list of five WWE Superstars he believes are being built for a “heel turn.”

Included in the list are:

Those interested in reading the full Forbes article may do so HERE.

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Is WWE Failing Bayley?

Joseph Staszewski of the New York Post writes that the,

“WWE is blowing another chance to save Bayley.”

Staszewski contends that this week’s RAW was lackluster for Bayley and disappointing after a long build.

Staszewski states,

“We got two short segments of Bayley and Banks in friendship counseling with Dr. Shelby — the same person who worked with team Hell No in 2013. In an instant, two weeks of raw emotion become a caricature of itself in a segment that lacked substance and was better suited for “Saved By the Bell” or “Full House.” (This appeared to be the point.) A third blowup, where one of them “finally” loses it again, is forthcoming.”

Staszewski contends that the feud may be building toward a Summerslam showdown between the two; but, in comparison to their epic NXT feuds,

“Feels shallow in comparison.”

Those interested in reading the New York Post article in its entirety may do so HERE.