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Kaitlyn Comments On Returning For WWE’s Mae Young Classic

Former WWE star Kaitlyn recently spoke with about returning to the company for this summer’s Mae Young Classic 2. You can read a few highlights below:

Kaitlyn comments on how she’s grown since her first WWE run: 

“The thing that got me through [as a rookie in WWE] and the thing that allowed me to achieve my level of success was my attitude, and looking back now, I am coming back with experience. I am certainly nervous because the level of competition is so much higher and there are so many different women from around the world and they bring skill levels. But it’s just so exciting.”

“Since I came back, I had the opportunity to work backward and really nail down the fundamentals and the basics — things that I really lacked during my first run with the WWE. Now I am bringing these newly honed and developed skills that I have acquired recently and I am combining that with my fearless attitude. And because I don’t have this rookie vibe about me, now I can really concentrate on surprising the WWE universe with all the things I have learned.”

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Kaitlyn on why she decided to return to wrestling after a four year retirement: 

“The highs and lows and the adrenaline rushes and the quick thinking on your feet — it came rushing back to me. Anytime you step back in the ring, it’s the same rush and you never get used to it. There is always this fear and this question of ‘Oh, my gosh, can I do this?’ And to me that’s part of what makes it amazing.”

“It’s about finding things that drive you and fuel you. And you can work 18 hours a day or however many hours a day and still want to go back to the ring or do lifts in the gym. As long as you’re passionate about it, you feel happy, and to me that’s the balance.”