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The WrestleZone Team Previews & Predicts 2018’s WWE Extreme Rules

The WrestleZone Team Previews & Predicts 2018’s WWE Extreme Rules
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The following editorial was written by Dominic DeAngelo, Ryan Anderson, Sean Mikhail, Ivan Barerra and Geoffrey Rowland and does not reflect the opinions of WrestleZone as a whole. We encourage you all to discuss their thoughts in the comments section at the bottom of this post or by tweeting them: @DominicDeAngelo@gullyblanchard@seanrmikhail,@NIb0124 and @Geoff_Rowland 

Tables Match: SAnitY vs The New Day

Prediction by Dominic DeAngelo

SAnitY just debuted, ain’t no chance they’re losing this one. Eric Young’s gang of unrulies have potential to catch fire here, let’s just see them get a little more unpredictable than just your usual heel rhythm. Let’s see some Nexus chaos.

Winner: SAnitY

Prediction by Ryan Anderson

Remember when SAnitY was exciting? That was a fun time. To say that SAnitY has gotten off to a slow start on SmackDown would be an understatement. Expect Kofi and Xavier Woods to bump a lot for Killian Dain and Alexander Wolfe. Big E to make all of SAnitY look like major players will be the key in this match. If this is done correctly then SAnitY will matter to the viewing audience. The New Day knows how to get monster teams over, see Bludgeon Brothers. I hope this is the start of an extended feud with New Day vs SAnitY.

Winner: SAnitY.

Prediction by Sean Mikhail

While Sanity have looked unpredictable early on in their SmackDown Live run, they haven’t looked like a major in-ring threat yet. A victory over New Day could be the first step in that direction.

Prediction: Sanity wins

SmackDown Women’s Championship: Carmella (c) vs Asuka

Prediction by Ryan Anderson

Carmella has blown away expectations with her Women’s Championship run. James Ellsworth, who helped Carmella retain the Women’s Championship, will be suspended in a shark cage above the ring. Shark cages are like contract signings in WWE, you know the designed impact never quite works the intended way. I expect Ellsworth to get involved somehow and cost Asuka the match. If done correctly, I expect a blow off match at SummerSlam with the payoff to this feud being Asuka winning the belt. Just not now.

Winner: Carmella with James Ellsworth assistance.

Prediction by Ivan Barrera

Asuka’s vote of confidence in WWE has certainly gone down. I only think they’re having a rematch in order to give Carmella another title win heading into SummerSlam. I still contend she is the worst women’s wrestler not named Lana, but that’s just my opinion. As far as her future, it’s up in the air who she faces next.

Prediction: Carmella defeats Asuka via pinfall to retain SmackDown Women’s Championship

Prediction by Geoff Rowland

Asuka should probably be the champ at this point, but have a feeling Mella stays money.

Prediction: Carmella via pinfall.

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