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Exclusive: Rey Fenix Gives High Praise To Slammiversary Opponents, Talks The Importance Of A Luchador’s Mask

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Angel Garcia (@GuerrillaJokes) recently caught up with Impact Wrestling star Rey Fenix before the AAW: United We Stand show for a WrestleZone exclusive interview:


  • Backstage at AAW: United We Stand before the show        –


WZ: Rey Fenix, how are you?

RF: I’m good, brother, Thanks

WZ: We are here in Chicago, for AAW. You have a big match tonight with Desmond Xavier.

RF: That right, we have a huge match up tonight. He is a great wrestler, partner. He is considered, much like myself, a truly devoted worker. Truthfully, I love my job, and I’m going to go all in with in this match, and I expect the same from him. We will go at 100%

WZ: You have Slammiversary coming up, a Four Way Match, Johnny Impact v. Rich Swann v. Taiji Ishimori v. yourself. Can you also tell us about your experience with Impact Wrestling?

RF: That’s going to be an amazing match as well. Its 3 wrestlers that are absolutely incredible. I worked with Ishimori in Pro Wrestling Noah around 8 years ago. We feuded for 3 months, culminated at Kouraken Hall for the GHC Championship. I came up short, but that experience was absolutely amazing. Now we will meet again, now more mature, and with a lot more experience.

At the same time, wrestling Johnny and Swann, two amazing wrestlers in their own right. It will definitely be a great match-up. My experience in Impact Wrestling has been really good so far. The Locker room as been great, and supportive. We are having a great time there, the crowd is amazing, it’s a completely different audience. I think we are adjusting well and making the fans and the company very happy.

WZ: Speaking of Impact, your fellow “Lucha Brother” has a Mask v. Hair against Sami Callihan. Mexican fans have a better understanding of the importance of the mask, but American fans might not fully comprehend the importance in Mexico, or Lucha Libre as a whole.

RF: The mask is above and a part of our roots and culture as Mexicans, and in Mexico. Its integral to the tradition of Lucha Libre in Mexico. It’s the same as the mask of a superhero, or their cape. Luchadors, there is a mysticism to “who could be under that mask”. Lucha Libre is a religion in Mexico. That’s why things like, the mask, hair, the amount of times you’ve been champion, and the company you’ve been champion for are so important.

(Context: Its is a common occurrence and tradition to have a picture or mural of the Virgin Mary in homes, business, or just about anywhere in Mexico)

WZ: Its like having the mural for the Virgin Mary?

RF: EXACTLY! Just about. In Mexico its super important. It would very odd, the impact would be gone. Imagine Pentagon, or myself without a mask? It would be completely different. How would the crowd react? The mystery and the aura is gone. As a Luchador, you give love and care to the mystery, to that aura, in knowing that putting on that mask, you take on that power the mask gives, and you show people that with this power, you can defeat anyone. It’s a lot of emotion and energy you put into a mask, that’s why it’s the hardest thing in the world for a Luchador to lose his mask. The quickest thing one can say, it’s not the same as when the wrestler had the mask. When a Luchador loses his mask its like losing his value, his virtue.

WZ: It’s not only revealing your face, you real name, and personal info is shared to a certain degree, correct?

RF: Yes, exactly, you’re also taking away the value, the power that wrestler had.

WZ: Emasculated in many ways?

RF: Yes, showing your defeats, those matches are so important to a Luchador, no one wants that red mark on their record.

WZ: So, this may seem like a simple question? How did you do it? You wrestled in the US, then appeared at Triplemania, then wrestled for CMLL the following night? Considering the issues, you’ve had with AAA, in regard to your wrestling name. And the fact that your wrestling for rival companies. Both you and Pentagon have been, in a way, infiltrating these companies. You guys don’t have contracts, how did you do it?

RF: Ill be honest I thought you were going to ask how I wrestle in the ring? *Laughs*

WZ: I’m trying to get the real story on how managed to do something unprecedented. In many ways, the hot gossip

RF: Well, there’s no problems with any company at the moment. I have an agreement with AAA and CMLL. There is no contract with either one. Like you stated, AAA register the name “ Rey Fenix”, when I left the company. But we eventually came to an agreement with them to be able to work as “Rey Fenix”. Then when I started working with CMLL, Rey Fenix was booked, but then we hit an issue with the name again. After a conversation we came up with the idea to have a character specifically for Arena Mexico, CMLL. Both AAA and myself have had well known issues, but much to AAA credit, we both spoke and put our grievances on the table, and we worked together on solving those issues.-

WZ: Now every one moves forward and makes money?

RF: Exactly. I don’t worry about that anymore. To be completely known as an independent is amazing. and its cool to be a part of the story of “KING FENIX” in CMLL. Not that the name matters, everyone knows who I am.

WZ: You’ve established yourself, you have your unique style.

RF: Exactly.

WZ: Last Question:

In many people opinion: the reason you’ve managed to accomplish that, is because you’re undeniable. You’ve crossed borders, you’re an international star, you’re on multiple international wrestling shows. What has been that experience here in the US, and bringing, representing Lucha Libre throughout the globe?

Rf: It’s been magnificent, incredible, and awe inspiring. We started working for Lucha Underground Which is where we made our first impact. And working the independent scene here, were they were interested in booking us. A great example being here in AAW. These have given us opportunities to move up and give exposure to Lucha Libre. Lucha Underground is also shown in Japan, the opportunity to work PPV’s, MLW among other amazing opportunities has really been great. There huge accomplishments that came in just working on improving yourself. Not worrying about anyone else. Putting care and attention to your work. Having fun really. Then it doesn’t feel like work. You ignore the what could be and what might happen. Its been humbling, fabulous, overall amazing. To fulfill dreams that you didn’t even plan for is the best feeling.

A: Rey Fenix, good luck with your matches, a pleasant conversation. Thank you for your time

RF: Thank you so much, thank you for the interview

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