WWE Smackdown Live Results play by play

WWE Smackdown (7/24): Miz And Mrs. Premiere Party, Tag Team Tournament Begins, WWE Championship Contender Named, More

July 24h, 2018

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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As Smackdown Live Starts, Miz, Maryse, and their daughter arrive in a stretch limo.

In Ring Segment: Randy Orton

Orton says he has heard all of our theories on why he did what he did. Orton says this had nothing to do with unfinished business with Hardy or the Smackdown top 10 lists. Orton says the reason he did it was because of all of us. Orton has busted his ass for years. Look around. Who is still here from when Orton started in WWE. Orton doesn’t get the respect he deserves. Orton doesn’t flail around like an idiot or steal the fans money by changing the color of his merch every week. Orton didn’t come up wrestling in bingo halls. Orton didn’t steal a sweet hand gesture from someone else either (Orton does the too sweet symbol with his hand). Orton didn’t pay his dues in front of 100 people he paid his dues in front of millions.

Orton started off as the legend killer but it took him 16 years to realize who the real legend killer is. Each and every person in the WWE Universe. Orton is going to take out everyone the fans love, starting with Jeff Hardy. Orton says he is going to end Jeff Hardy’s career. Hardy’s career has been inspiring. Orton is going to write the final chapter of the Jeff Hardy story. You can call Orton whatever you want but you only need to refer to him as the three most destructive letters in the world: RK… before saying the O Orton just walks away.