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The Miz And Maryse On Their ‘Feel Good’ Story, Taking The Drama Out Of Reality TV, Having Their Parents On The Show

The Miz and Maryse recently spoke with Justin Barrasso for Sports Illustrated about their new reality series Miz And Mrs; you can read a few highlights below:

The Miz calls his new show a ‘feel good’ story: 

“This show is really a ‘feel good’ kind of story. I started off on the The Real World, and no one thought I would amount to anything. Then, all of a sudden, coming into this and pursuing my dream of becoming a WWE superstar, and also doing movies, hosting, and now my own show with my wife.”

Maryse talks about finally getting to play a babyface: 

“I’ve been playing a villain for the past 12 years, but it’s really nice to work on a project and have everyone love it. That makes us want to do more.”

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Miz and Maryse talk about their parents being ‘characters’ on their show: 

Miz: “My dad is a character. You’ll meet him on this week’s episode Miz & Mrs. His name is George Mizanin. Everyone else in the family pronounces the ‘Miz-anin,’ but my dad pronounces it ‘Mi-zanin.’ No one knows why.”

Maryse: “There is no one more ‘rock-n-roll’ than my mom. She’s another real life-character.”

Miz: We’re trying to figure out if Marjo or my dad will get the first spin-off. That’s what we’re spending time figuring out.”

The Miz talks about recent success surprising him, how he wanted their show to be different: 

“I surprised the hell out of myself when I got MVP for the 2018 All Star Legends Celebrity game. I had no idea I was going to get that. I was also surprised by the reviews of our show. I know we put a lot into the show, but I didn’t know what people were going to think.

“Watching other shows, I compare everything, and I just can’t look at other reality shows like ours. This show is more like a sitcom, more like a comedy than just another show in the reality series realm. The goal was to look completely different and look different. Before we started, Maryse and I both said that we did not want to be sitting at a table for 20-minutes while people are watching us talk at a dinner table. That’s what all reality shows are now, with interviews in-between. We wanted to get rid of the drama and have more fun.”