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WWE Accused Of Hypocrisy Over Their ‘Looks Based’ Women’s Division

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Wrestling Observer Radio’s Dave Meltzer and co-host Bryan Alvarez recently took WWE to task for the way the WWE Women’s Division is currently being booked.


Forget the guys. I hit the wall last night. I’ve seen bad matches with Alexa [Bliss], with Nia [Jax], with Lana. If you want me to be excited for this upcoming pay-per-view, show me that you can utilize the talent that you have. They have not showed me that in months.


That’s because of who they pick on top. For all their talk…it’s pretty girls. If pretty girls can wrestle good, that’s a bonus. ‘We’re gonna put Carmella and Alexa Bliss, that we think are really attractive, we’re gonna put them over whether they’re good, bad, or average.’ Granted, they can both talk which helps; but, still this is more of a delivering in the ring business than it’s ever been in history and you’re putting these sore thumbs out there and you’re not getting a great product when you do that. It is kinda like the ultimate in hypocrisy to go in there and, ‘We’re opening doors and we’re making things fair for women and then we’re looking for women that based entirely on looks as opposed to anything else.’ Not entirely; but, the looks are far more important than they need to be. It’s not like the other women on the roster are unattractive. They’re not unattractive; but, because there’s this feeling that guys will only watch women, if they’re really good looking on television, which is the whole thing of why the women’s matches – I’m not saying they’ve all sucked for the last twenty years – there have been matches that are great and there are good women wrestlers out there, more now than ever before. If you go on the whole of the last twenty years since they’ve revived the women with Sable and Debra [McMichael] and all those women that couldn’t wrestle, the large percentage of women’s matches on big shows have sucked. Some of them have been average. Some of them have been good; but, the overall standard is way way way behind men and there is no reason why the women should be any worse than the men….if it was a real fair world, you would get over on your own merits. You wouldn’t have to do this, ‘Oh we’re so generous, we are creating this Evolution.’ They should just do it on their own and blow the doors down themselves and not be held to these criteria where if you’re not good looking enough – like Lana. What does Lana have in the ring past the fact that she’s really good looking?

Meltzer believes that none of this matters because Evolution will be regarded as great regardless of its actual quality. He compares Evolution to the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble, which Meltzer claims featured some of the, ‘Crappiest wrestling in a WWE ring all year.’ Meltzer believes the quality in the Women’s Royal Rumble was overlooked due to it, ‘Being part of the game.’ He continued, ‘If it was guys wrestling that bad, it would be pretty bad.’

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