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Charlotte Flair Calls Out Ronda Rousey & Opens Up About The Dave Meltzer/Peyton Royce Controversy

Charlotte Flair Calls Out Ronda Rousey & Opens Up About The Dave Meltzer/Peyton Royce Controversy
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Smackdown Superstar Charlotte Flair was a recent guest on ESPN’s Get Up!

Former NFL player Keyshawn Johnson asked Flair if there was anyone out there she hadn’t faced; but, would still like to get her hands on. Charlotte responded that she would like to face either Stephanie McMahon or RAW Superstar Ronda Rousey. When asked to elaborate on what it might be like to square off against Rousey, Charlotte responded,

“They keep saying she’s the toughest woman on the planet; but, I think I’m the toughest woman on the planet.”

Charlotte was also asked if she believed that she and Rousey could headline a WrestleMania,

“Headlining WrestleMania is definitely a dream of mine. Who the opponent is, it really doesn’t matter because I’m headlining WrestleMania; but, I think it would be the right story. She says that she’s a 4-Horsewoman and I’m like, ‘Wait, I’m a Flair. I’m blood.’ So it’s 4 on 4? I don’t know.”

Former NBA player Jalen Rose also asked Charlotte Flair about Dave Meltzer’s recent controversial comments about fellow Smackdown Superstar Peyton Royce,

“That’s what’s amazing about our job is that we do have a platform to make a difference and voice our opinions on certain things like that. In terms of her appearance being criticized, I just go, ‘Aren’t we past that?’ You wouldn’t see someone sitting here saying, ‘Roman Reigns’ hair is phenomenal, or Seth [Rollins’] abs,’ or people wouldn’t be like, ‘AJ Styles on TNA looked better than WWE.’ It shouldn’t be a topic of conversation and I know that we’re Superstars and people see us as untouchable; but, we’re human and when you see negativity like that, it’s gotta hurt her. I just wanted to touch her [Peyton Royce] and be like, ‘Listen, ignore that.’ My Dad always said that if they’re talking about you, you must be doing something right and that’s what they were doing. They were talking about her. Whether it’s her looks or not, you would think that we’re passed that.”

Transcription Credit: (Michael McClead – WrestleZone)

Readers interested in watching Charlotte’s appearance on Get Up! may do so below:

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